Wear a dress to step on these four minefields, its dirt and fat

 Wear a dress to step on these four minefields, its dirt and fat

Correct wearing method:

In summer, proper skin exposure is absolutely a universal rule. It will not only be more refreshing and comfortable, but also have a very good effect of showing off weight. Of course, we also need to follow the method of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses to select the right position for skin exposure.

If your upper body is thin and thick, its most suitable to wear a long skirt with suspenders: it not only highlights the body advantages of the upper body, but also can hide the thick legs, so that you look thin and beautiful, good-looking fried.

If you think you have a short neck, wide shoulders and fleshy arms, this V-neck or square neck dress is your best choice. Exposing the neck and clavicle can not only lengthen the neck line, but also have a certain modification effect on the face shape.

Its not romantic, but it doesnt work for girls.

If your leg lines are not brilliant enough, you can try a small sexy slit design, through moderate skin exposure to extend the leg line, the effect of thin will be far better than the same length of the conventional skirt.

In particular, small girls cant wrap themselves up, choose a small skirt with A-line waist, which can show more leg lines, highlight the difference between waist and hip, and really show high and thin!

There are many girls infatuated with this kind of loose dress without waistline design, thinking that it can be used to perfectly hide their annoying flesh. But in fact, this kind of skirt can only visually further widen your body laterally, which cant make you look thinner. Instead, it makes you look 5 jin fat and becomes a wall by accident.

Correct wearing method:

The so-called the waist line is as high as the leg length. The high waist line not only instantly lengthens the proportion of legs, but also makes the temperament and aura immediately appear. Therefore, please choose the waist style as far as possible when wearing a dress, which not only highlights the slim waist line, but also optimizes the proportion of the body, which can best show the curvilinear beauty of women.

Like a little bit of design can also start with this lace up dress, short and long, reshape the whole body proportion, a lot of visual weight loss.

Or by strengthening the design of the skirt waist to shift attention, such as different button design, and deliberately made waist, can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the skirt visually.

The skirt is too tight = the defect is enlarged infinitely

The skirt is too loose and easy to show fat, but too tight skirt should be careful, too tight design will only put our body defects unlimited.

Correct wearing method:

Choosing a dress with appropriate shape and waistband design is the right way to open the dress which can best develop the advantages and avoid the disadvantages and look good on everyone. Hip width is a physical problem for many Asian girls. This figure should avoid wearing hip tight skirt, with A-line skirt to highlight the waist hip difference, highlight the curve of girls.

The skirt is too complicated = fat and earthy

Dress style and pattern is too complex, it is really difficult to wear, a careless will appear old-fashioned and rustic, but also easy to show fat, put on a fairy second change village green flowers.

Correct wearing method:

The dress of solid color system, not only simple temperament, but also can make the upper and lower body to achieve consistency, more thin and high.

If you want to wear a printed skirt, it is recommended that you choose a more simple and elegant printing pattern with fresh background color, which is fresh and gentle, and always makes people fall in love at first sight.

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