Nikkei: China is in the leading position in 5g global standards, and the impact of US sanctions is limited

 Nikkei: China is in the leading position in 5g global standards, and the impact of US sanctions is limited

It is reported that China is drafting a medium-term strategy called China standard 2035 as a supplement to the made in China 2025 strategy. In the plan, China has cultivated 5g and artificial intelligence. According to an industry group, China submitted 830 technical documents related to cable communication specifications to the International Telecommunication Union last year, the largest number in the world, surpassing the sum of the following three countries, South Korea, the United States and Japan. These documents can serve as the basis for the consideration of new standards, and more documents mean more voice.

Although the UK and France have begun to take a tougher stance against Huawei, such measures cannot completely eliminate Chinas influence in 5g. According to the cybercreative Institute, Huawei is the number one provider of required patents for 5g standard. It leads the international organization 3GPP in 5g related contributions, beating European competitors and Qualcomm.

Huawei is also a pioneer in 4G technology. Even if Huawei is banned from building 5g networks, companies sometimes have to pay royalties to Huawei for using patents that have become part of the industry standard, said a lawyer familiar with intellectual property issues

China can use its influence on standards to weaken economic sanctions. If China successfully takes the initiative in standard development, Chinese manufacturers will gain advantages in developing 5g mobile phone chips and software, which may enhance Chinas competitiveness in areas more important than equipment assembly. This will set another obstacle to the US strategy to curb Chinas technological influence.

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