Harry Megan is going to be king again! New book accuses William Kate of humiliating Megan

 Harry Megan is going to be king again! New book accuses William Kate of humiliating Megan

In the book, Harry describes the old royal officials who pull him and Megan behind their backs as dangerous as vipers, and thinks that they obstruct the chance of direct face-to-face communication with the Queens grandmother. He almost considered raiding the Queens grandmother. When he was seriously frustrated, he and Megan began to secretly plan to leave the royal family. When he made a statement to leave important members, the royal family was greatly shocked When he was angry with him for doing so, he felt that there was no other way to go.

Most people speculate that the relationship between Megan and his sister-in-law Kate is not good. This book confirms this statement, pointing out that Harry and Megans last public royal service happened to be attended by Prince William and his wife Kate. Megan tried to give Kate a look. To his surprise, Kate was too lazy to even look at her and didnt want to pay any attention. Although Harry was nodded by his brother William, William and his wife were both present Kate sings and says that she wants Megan to be the air. She doesnt want to give a good show when she meets in public for the last time, which makes Harry angry and inconvenient.

Harry is also dissatisfied that he is always regarded as too sensitive and too fond of speaking out by the old royal officials. The book emphasizes once again that Harry does not want to continue to be disturbed and unable to live the life he wants in front of the public. Megan shows him the possibility of seeking freedom, so he acts resolutely, even if there is a big disturbance.

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