The flood is coming! The old man ran out with 13 bank passbooks

 The flood is coming! The old man ran out with 13 bank passbooks

Fu Ge

The stream beside the house rocked into a roaring torrent and headed for the foot of the mountain.

It is the mother river in the heart of the old street.

They took small trumpets and yelled, the flood is coming, leave home at once!

Fu Ge tied a rope around his waist to save people in the flood

Liu, a 76 year old man, went out with a wooden box in which he had 13 bank passbooks,

Brother Wang

People prayed in silence:

People prayed silently: hold on, old bridge.

After the flood

Life goes on

I know that is the old street peoples inner feelings for the century old bridge.

Lao Liu

As soon as I saw me, he said frankly: its OK, its OK. As long as the life is still there, everything that should come will come, and everything that should be.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The old streets, which had been hit by floods, were devastated, and community workers washed the mud. In Laoxiangs home, which opened a pickle shop in the old street, more than 200 pickle jars were washed away, and thousands of kilograms of pickles and goods were left, resulting in a loss of more than 200000 yuan. When I went into the house with the community cadres to count the disaster, Lao Xiangs wife cried. Lao Xiang patted his wife on the back and comforted her and said, nothing. We are still here. The baby is still studying in graduate school.. Lao Xiangs blood pressure is a little high. He likes to drink some wine. His wife is always worried about his health. This time, Lao Xiang decided to give up drinking, take good care of his health and keep his business going. Hearing Laoxiangs promise to quit drinking, his wife burst into tears and laughed. Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Author: Li Xiao (civil servant, now living in Wuqiao street, Wanzhou, Chongqing) editor in charge: Li Chong_ NN5538

The old street, which was hit by the flood, was devastated. Community workers washed the mud.