Who director general Tam Desai: China and other countries have brought the epidemic under control

 Who director general Tam Desai: China and other countries have brought the epidemic under control

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He cant bear it any more. He finally opened fire on the United States!

He finally opened fire on the United States and denounced the US government for nonsense.

You know, looking around the world, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the most tired and worried person among all the heads of international institutions, but he is the one who suffers the most.

He is generally indifferent to all kinds of criticism and abuse from the outside world.

But even such an honest African, now finally forced by the United States, opened fire and denounced American officials for being too capable of editing.

He is tedros, who is very familiar to Chinese people.

The former Minister of health and foreign affairs of Ethiopia is now the director general of the World Health Organization.

To his annoyance, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio recently went to Britain to meet with British MPs in private, saying that China bought him. Whats more, pompeio said the mistakes of political rather than scientific institutions like the who have led to deaths in the UK..

In a word: Mr. tandesay was bribed by China. He and who are to blame for the deaths of so many people in Britain.

A big pot came from London.

In pompeios view, the Anglo Saxon world, this time is too tragic. More than 40000 people died in Britain and 140000 people in the United States, all blame who.

Whats more, Tan Desai has been bribed by China?!

In the past, the United States mainly attacked who, but this time, the United States directly attacked individuals. Whats more, pompeio is not an ordinary person. He is the top diplomat of the United States, which is speaking on behalf of the United States.

What about the evidence?

After watching the video, Tan Desai responded in Geneva and was very angry: those statements are false, unacceptable and without any basis.

Then he said:

The only focus of our entire organization is to save lives. If there is one thing that matters to us and to the international community as a whole, it is to save lives. Who will not be distracted by these comments, and we do not want the international community as a whole to be distracted.

1. Pompeio, this is nonsense. Its unacceptable to be low.

However, it is said that it is not distracted. The United States has called the door in this way. Can it not be distracted?

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