White House: trump has no risk of infection

 White House: trump has no risk of infection

Mr. OBrien has been out of the office since the weekend, according to one of the people familiar with the matter. According to people familiar with the situation, OBrien was infected with the new coronavirus after a family activity. He has been isolated at home, but still manages the National Security Council, and most of his work is done by phone.

OBrien is the closest official to trump to be infected with the new coronavirus, according to the news agency.

According to the latest news from Russian satellite network, the White House said that neither trump nor vice president burns is at risk of contracting the new crown due to contact with OBrien.

National security assistant Robert OBrien has tested positive for his new crown, the White House said in a statement. He has mild symptoms, has been isolating himself and working in a safe place. The president or vice president is not at risk of infection. The work of the National Security Council will continue to be undisturbed.

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Fudge said the new coronavirus could not be eradicated and would not disappear automatically like SARS

According to foreign media reports, Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview on Saturday that the new coronavirus (the pathogen of covid-19) is almost impossible to be eradicated.

Although many fans hope that sports events will return to normal in the autumn, fouch said that given the infectious nature of the virus and the fact that many infected people are asymptomatic, the logistical hurdles to hosting any major sporting event will be enormous.

A novel coronavirus pandemic was compared with the SARS epidemic in 2003.

Well, unlike the SARS virus, in 2002, when we had an epidemic in which about 8000 people were infected and 800 people died, the virus gradually disappeared because of good public health measures, because it could not effectively spread from one person to another. Dr. forge said.

In novel coronavirus, he said, this virus is highly contagious and is very widespread throughout the world. Even though our infection is well controlled, it is almost impossible to eradicate in the summer.

Even if the United States controls the number of cases and takes effective mitigation measures, it will be particularly difficult to completely stop the spread of the virus once the world begins to resume international travel, he said.

This novel coronavirus is more infectious and lethal than other viruses, such as seasonal influenza, and it is almost certain that no vaccine is available before the flu season.

Although early trials are underway, even the most optimistic estimate is that it will take 12 to 18 months for a new coronavirus vaccine to be deployed.

In the absence of a vaccine, fudge and other public health experts advocate larger scale testing, the use of a large number of contact trackers to locate and stop outbreaks and isolate patients.

Now, even if the virus drops sharply in June, July and August, as the virus starts to recur in the autumn, I think it would be a shame if we didnt take all the mechanisms to prevent the virus from breaking out again, he said

In other words, there are enough tests to test everyone who needs to be tested. There are enough tests, when someone is infected, you can immediately track and isolate contacts to prevent infection from several people to hundreds. This is how to control the outbreak.

Because of the ability of the new coronavirus to spread from person to person, it will not disappear as SARS did, said fouch. Im not sure whether it will be this year or next year, but we will eventually control the new crown at a relatively low level.

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