A countdown of 100 days, the Oriental agreement will be issued again in the Expo

 A countdown of 100 days, the Oriental agreement will be issued again in the Expo

The China International Import Expo should not only be held every year, but also be up to standard, effective and better. The solemn promise of President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the first fair was still on his ear. At one point, entering the Expo time was about to arrive.

Since the founding of the first session of the fair, President Xi Jinping has made numerous important instructions to the interior, demanding solid progress in the preparatory work at all stages, ensuring that the import fair is better and better, and showing the firm determination of China to continue its expansion.

Visiting overseas, receiving visits, attending international conferences President Xi Jinping sent an invitation to the world on several important occasions, inviting the guests and guests to join in the event.

We welcome guests from all over the world.

It is of great significance for China to firmly expand its opening-up, help global enterprises share Chinas market and opportunities, and accelerate the recovery of the global economy.

Under the epidemic situation, Chinas market is unique, and we look forward to more harvest in the third ICIF. On July 10, at the supply and demand docking meeting before the consumer goods exhibition area of the third ICIF, many businesses expressed their expectation for the coming Expo.

According to reports, affected by the epidemic situation, exhibitions in European and American countries have stopped in an all-round way. The third ICIF will be held offline in Shanghai as scheduled to witness the strong resilience of Chinas economy.

Taken together, the fundamentals of Chinas long-term economic growth have not changed. Xi Jinping pointed out that we should make the domestic market and the international market better link up and make better use of two domestic and international markets and two resources to achieve more sustainable and sustainable development.

The exhibition area of the contracted enterprises in the third ICIF has reached the planned target.

More brilliant, more outstanding and more influential. The planned area of the third China International Fair is 360000 square meters, an increase of 60000 square meters compared with that of the second, with an increase of 20%.

In the supply and demand docking meeting before the first exhibition of the third China International Fair, peler, Israels creative design brand, which participated for the first time, brought eye-catching small objects such as suspension bottle rack and automatic watering device, and old friend German rice technology company brought the second generation of movable cooking kitchen.

100 days later, businessmen from all over the world will go to the Oriental Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, which is like a silver four leaf grass, to witness a grand event of global attention again.

Recently, Mexican tequila wine, Czech crystal cup, Colombian coffee beans and other nearly 100 kinds of fresh goods of the third Expo have been put on the exhibition shelves.

It is only one road away from the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the main venue of the China International Fair. Since its opening in November 2018, Greenland global commodity trade port has attracted 139 enterprises and organizations from 57 countries and regions, including 34 import pavilions from Argentina, Belarus and Colombia.

To create a never ending fair, commodities from all over the world will spend the time of entering Expo with zero time difference in the global trade port, so that the world can share the opportunities brought by Chinas opening up.

As a 6-day + 365 day annual exhibition and trading platform of China International Import Expo, Greenland global commodity trade port has contributed to more than 6 billion yuan of upstream and downstream transactions since this year.

On November 5, 2018, at the opening ceremony of the first ICIFu2014u2014

I have stressed many times that the door of Chinas opening up will not be closed, it will only open wider and wider.

On November 5, 2019, at the opening ceremony of the second ICIFu2014u2014

Novel coronavirus pneumonia summit in March 26, 2020, across the different regions, the group of twenty leaders should respond to the new summit.

China will continue to implement a positive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, unswervingly expand reform and opening up, relax market access, continuously optimize the business environment, actively expand imports and expand foreign investment, so as to contribute to the stability of the world economy.

At the second Expo, the staff displayed Chilean cherries in the food and agricultural products exhibition area.

Chinas firm opening up has created unprecedented opportunities for world economic development.

Based on one years calculation, the accumulated intention turnover of the first ICIF is 57.83 billion US dollars, and that of the second ICIF is 71.13 billion US dollars.

Since 2018, ICIF has become an important platform for global cooperation and sharing.

To meet their desire for a happy life is our mission.

In November 5, 2019, after attending the opening ceremony of the second session of the Shanghai Expo, President Xi Jinping visited the leaders of the participating countries.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the products of all countries are very competitive. Welcome all countries to participate in China International Import fair and increase their recommendation. This will better satisfy the Chinese peoples yearning for a better life and is mutually beneficial and win-win.

A better life is not only related to the health, pension, education and other aspects of the Chinese people, but also related to whether the people can get the latest technology, high-quality and beautiful products in the process of buying and buying after their money bags are filled.

The flying car developed by a Slovak company was officially launched at the second China International Fair.

The worlds first virtual hair color testing system and the worlds first soluble insulin to let consumers know the effect of hair dyeing in advance At the China International Import Expo, many enterprises carry new products, new technologies and new services for the global first show, Chinas first exhibition.

As the first national exhibition with the theme of import in the world, ICIF is expanding channels to meet the needs of peoples better life.

We should cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open a new situation in the changing situation.

At the supply and demand docking meeting before Jinbo exhibition, the person in charge of German Karch company said, in the third ICIF, we will launch the worlds first AI cleaning robot for industrial use, which can automatically clean in shopping malls and other scenes.

Affected by the epidemic situation, consumer goods exhibitors play the health card. In order to seize the Chinese market, both the worlds top 500 and industry leading enterprises, or a number of small but beautiful invisible champions in the subdivision field, will bring global first-line new products to the exhibition to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

Destination: Shanghai! Share the time of entering the Expo! The world will once again witness Chinas determination to unswervingly expand reform and opening up.

President Xi Jinping has personally explained and promoted personally, and has expounded the essence of Chinas Expo in many times, highlighting the openness and confidence and bearing of China in the new era.

100 days later, the third ICIF will be held as scheduled. Chinas opportunities are shared by the world, and the future can be expected.