Zhu Yilong leads the iron triangle war on leather Figurines

 Zhu Yilong leads the iron triangle war on leather Figurines

The battle of leather figurines is undoubtedly the largest action play in the current online series. The lifelike construction of real scenes, the exquisite special effects production of beach blasting, and a large amount of group performance investment finally showed the majestic ending of the South China Sea Adventure. The high-intensity hard core play of the three stars also makes people sigh at the professional quality and professionalism of the actors.

Chen Chuhes clever plan to rescue Huang Mengying

While Wu Xie and others explored the South China Sea Kings underground palace, the black blind man and the dumb girl worked hard to enter the mysterious underground river Holy Land in the dumb village. However, the sudden appearance of boss Jiao and his party put them in a dangerous situation. The dumb girl fell into the hands of boss Jiao. The black blind man set up a clever scheme to hijack boss Jiao as a mercenary and successfully rescued the dumb girl. In order to rescue this time, the black blind man almost gambled on his own life, the mute girl also took good care of him in a coma, and the feelings between them also changed subtly in the process.

The relaxed daily interaction between the two joyful enemies is inserted into the exciting exploration and action plot of the whole story, which also eases the tense atmosphere of the whole play, so that the development of the rhythm of the story will not be too compact and intensive.

Wus family is facing boss Jue Jiao

As the leading figures of the positive and evil forces in the whole play, the second uncle of Wu family and boss Jiao are undoubtedly resourceful to restart. In order to save the blind and the dumb girl, they start a frontal confrontation. Finally, the Wu family led by the second uncle gets better and uses powerful firepower to suppress and defeat boss Jiaos mercenaries. After some preparation, the second uncle led Erjing and Kanjian and other cronies into the underground river. However, boss Jiao, who was deeply obsessed with his thoughts, did not give up and mobilized all his strength to prepare for a comeback. A new round of confrontation will be in the series to be updated next week. The first confrontation between the Wu family and boss Jiao is the first big scene shooting scene in the film. The use of a large number of live blasting makes the picture look as good as the big production war movie. The thrilling and exciting scenes undoubtedly make the audience excited. Starting from this Tuesday, restart the extreme sea listening to thunder has been officially added. Since July 28, VIP members have been on duty for three consecutive days every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with two episodes per day. Please look forward to it. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin Shu_ NBJ4322