Oh, thats good! Jay Chou Kwai live the first half of the show, earning a suite.

 Oh, thats good! Jay Chou Kwai live the first half of the show, earning a suite.

WeChat official account Kwai

3. 2,1 with the countdown, Jay Chou, wearing a blue jeans suit, appeared in the camera.

10 minutes later, the total number of online viewers exceeded 42 million 600 thousand, and the total number of viewers reached Kwai 68 million.

Mainly to break the circle. A Kwai Fu Kok employee said that whether it was the red envelopes of the famous Spring Festival Gala, the launch of the see, the establishment of the Kwai Kwai women group, or the introduction of stars and well-known entrepreneurs, the series of screen shots is a quick attempt to break the circle and grab the traffic.

Zhou Dongs first live show

On the fast platform, a price of wearing Kwai arrow is RMB288, Wong Cho Lam brushes more than 700 wearing clouds and arrows, and makes it into about 200 thousand yuan, but it only ranks eighth in the gift list.

Among them, the fast hand brother Simba took three apprentices big beautiful, egg Kwai and cat Sister three people respectively brushed 7194.7w, 3172.1w, 2752.2w, ranked the first three or four, plus Sinba personally brushed 100W, these virtual gifts into cash is as high as about thirteen million. On the Kwai Tai platform, the 10 fast currency equals 1 yuan.

According to official data, 68 million people watched the live broadcast, more than 380 million fans interacted, and 6.12 million people were online at the same time. Its equivalent to sitting 76 birds nests.

In micro-blog, Jay Chous live broadcast of Kwai, Jay Chou, Jay Chous crazy flip flop, Jay Chou, Jay Chous fast track live broadcast of the first show, and so on, is a breakthrough of 300 million.

The time is too short for fans to shout

Ouch Ouch Its a bit stuck. The man has not gone to the camera, but Jay Chous voice has come first.

After that, he flipped fans in the live room, reading fan ID and bullet screen content. However, in the comment Q & a session, which fans are most concerned about, they are also confused because of too many messages and frequent screen swiping.

However, Jay Chou said that the content of the fans comments was praising their own content, a little reluctant to miss them, and repeatedly expressed their shyness and covered their faces with their hands.

10 minutes after the appearance, Jay Chous live studio broke through 6 million + people online at the same time, and basically maintained above 5.5 million.

For the first live show, Jay Chou is still a little nervous. Just a day ago, he also released Kwai Fu to express his nervousness. Because brother usually doesnt live and chat, so this time he is a little nervous. During the live broadcast, he also joked that the pressure is really greater than the concert.

Throughout the live broadcast, Jay Chou changed the normal chatting with other stars in front of the camera. He not only performed magic, but also invited three friends to help him. It seemed that the atmosphere in the live room was very lively.

In addition, Xiao Jingteng appeared in Jay Chous live broadcast by chance. He not only personally incarnated as a waiter, but also gave props to Jay Chou, and the two also made an appointment to play basketball.

Before that, the online singing, playing games, drinking milk tea, etc. that the fans imagined had not been realized, and the singing and even wheat link had not appeared in the previous notice. Many fans expressed disappointment on other social media platforms.

But most fans still say, even if he eats melon seeds for half an hour, Id love to watch it!

Instead of Jay Chous need to live, Kwai Fu needs Jay Chou.

I was Kwai Ming for the first time because of Jay Chou. on social platforms, such words meet the eye everywhere.

Before that, many people said, not Jay Chou needs to live, but Kwai Fu needs Jay Chou.

For many post-80s and 90s, the three characters of Jay Chou are equal to youth and feelings. For Kwai Fu, having Jay Chou can activate potential users of this part.

As far as fans are concerned, Jay Chou has never opened an official account on the mainlands social platform for so many years since his debut. At the beginning, Jay Chous fans and CAI Xukuns fans had a fierce super talk war, but he didnt even enter the micro blog, and just said his feelings on Ig. This for the majority of Jie fans, finally have a chance to communicate with their idols without climbing over the wall.

In fact, star ecology has become one of the fast moving directions of Kwai Fu this year. Besides Jay Chou, stars such as Huang Bo, Zhang Yuqi and Wang Yaoqing have been broadcasting live Kwai Chung this year. Zheng Shuang was Kwai Fu, a partner in innovation laboratory. Tiktok is more so.

Whether it is to introduce Jay Chou or other stars, the most important thing is to break the circle. A quick insider said that the entry of stars helps change the content ecology and user attributes of Kwai Kwai, and also enhances the brand influence.

Star resources this year is one of the key points of Kwai Fu. The people said.

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