Ligen: this season, I have been fighting with injuries and insomnia in the second round

 Ligen: this season, I have been fighting with injuries and insomnia in the second round

This season is really bad for me. Its like a joke made by fate for me. I keep fighting with injuries. I cant fully participate in the schedule of the team. As a result, the team has been affected and has not achieved the expected results. In the late stage of the league, I tried to recover and train with the team to prepare for the second round. I recovered well after the second round. In the face of criticism and negative news, I maintain the professionalism of a professional player. To contribute to the team, to strive for every victory for the team

In the second round, the team and the coaching staff gave me a lot of trust. The team also slowly found the feeling of the game. When everything was moving in a good direction, after the game on June 28, I had a serious allergic disease. After being examined in the local hospital, the doctor suggested that I go to the hospital for systematic treatment as soon as possible. Considering the tight schedule and the difficulties faced by the team, I applied to the club to stay in the team for treatment and be ready to play for the team at any time. However, during this period, due to the aggravation of the disease, I was unable to participate in the teams daily training, and I had persistent insomnia. Under the limited medication and treatment, my physical condition was not improved. After communication between the club and the hospital, I was arranged to go back to Shanghai for treatment. Unfortunately, I failed to fight with the team to the end.

During this period of treatment, whenever I saw the joy of winning after the team won, I knew we could do better; I saw that after the team lost, I couldnt play for the team, and I was very sad and anxious. Now I fight against the disease every day, adjust my mind and keep healthy, so as to return to the field as soon as possible and prepare for next season.

I would like to thank all the staff who have made great efforts for the second round.

Thanks to the medical staff who helped me and the fans who have been following me.

I am grateful to my family for their dedication and support. It is you who always accompany me and encourage me.

Thanks to all the leaders, coaches, teammates and all the staff who have been trusting and helping me.

I wish all the brothers suffering from injury and illness to recover, stay away from injury and return to the arena as soon as possible!

I often tell myself, when facing difficulties, dont be discouraged. No matter how difficult it is today, we should firmly believe that there is only the past that cant go back, and there is no tomorrow that cant be reached.

Adversity can defeat the weak and achieve the strong, I will do my best next season!