Why is Shandong the 9th and Fujian the 12th?

 Why is Shandong the 9th and Fujian the 12th?

Article 3 of CBAs official ranking rules stipulates that if three teams or more have the same winning rate: (1) if they have the same number of matches, they will be ranked first according to the number of winning or losing matches among them, and the one with more wins will be ranked first; (2) if there are different matches between them, the place will be ranked first according to the winning ratio, and the one with higher winning rate will be ranked first.

Shandong, Jilin, Shanxi, Fujian four teams are all 24 wins, so we need to calculate their record of each other. The specific results are: Shandong 3-3, Jilin 4-4, Shanxi 3-3, Fujian 4-4. As Fujian and Jilin play two more games respectively, which are different from Shandong and Shanxi, it is applicable to the second point of ranking rule 3 to calculate the winning field rate between them. But the winning rate of the four teams is exactly the same as 50%, which is still hard to score.

In such a complex situation, the ranking of the four teams has to follow the further explanation of the second point of the third ranking rule: if the winning rate is the same again, the ranking shall be ranked according to the scoring rate of each other, and the one with high score or loss rate shall be ranked first. According to this rule, the scoring and losing rate of the above four teams ranked in order of Shandong, Jilin, Shanxi and Fujian.

In this way, the four teams were finally ranked as: 9, Shandong, 10, Jilin, 11, Shanxi, 12, Fujian. In this way, in the first round of the 12-in-8 playoffs, Guangxia played Fujian, Zhejiang against Shanxi, Beikong against Jilin, Qingdao against Shandong.