Competitive gambling survey: there are two or three line competition teams earning profits by playing fake games.

 Competitive gambling survey: there are two or three line competition teams earning profits by playing fake games.

A few years ago, parents also looked at competition as a great beast, but now, there is enough reason to persuade parents to let their parents make their dreams come to their dreams.

The Nandu reporter has learned from the 2018 summer game of the LPL hero alliance that the title bonus is 1 million 500 thousand yuan, and the second army and the quarterly army are 800 thousand yuan and 500 thousand yuan respectively. The TheInternational2018 (TI8) Dota2 International Invitational at the end of August in Vancouver, despite nearly a months opening, has exceeded $22 million and nearly equaled the $24 million 780 thousand record of last years TI7. According to last years bonus distribution, this years TI8 winners bonus is expected to exceed tens of millions of dollars.

With the development of the Internet, the influence of competition is increasing day by day. But some grey industries are also rising, for example, with gambling nature of the guess in the electric competition industry have emerged. Nandu journalists survey found that due to the same homophonic, electric gaming is commonly known as competitive spinach in the industry. The leader of the WESG sports event said that the organizers of each event were abhorrent to the competitive spinach and would also specify in the rules that the violators abolished the qualification or the number of competitions, but a lot of two or three line competition teams do not rely on bonuses and do not rely on wages.

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QQ group or the group of WeChat group of secret lads

In May this year, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced the electronic sports program of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. Among them, the hero League, ArenaofValor, the Royal war, the legend of furnace stone, StarCraft 2 and live football 2018 were selected for six games. Previously, E-sports would become a formal sports event by joining the Ashkhabad indoor Martial Arts Games in 2017, the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. In the WESG world finals of Ali, International Olympic Committee member Angela. Rujero said that the current E-sports are actively approaching the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee is also discussing the future consideration of the inclusion of E-sports in the Olympic Games.

The influence of competition is increasing day by day, and the attention can be compared to the top traditional sports events. According to the 2017 global E-sports market report issued by Newzoo, a game data research institute, the competition is the seventh largest investment in the world, even on golf and tennis. With the rapid development of the electronic competition industry, competition gaming has also risen. Nandu reporters search for competitive bidding on Baidu, and found about 2 million 470 thousand related results. But at present, some links involving gambling content have been sealed up.

There are still a lot of WeChat groups or QQ groups on some of the game posts. These group names are mostly games as the key words, and do not involve gambling words. The reporter joined a group named LPL refueling as a secret interview and found that the electronic spinach group was founded on May 15 this year, with 500 members. It is worth noting that the full ban is set up in the group. QQ group is always at risk of being banned, so try not to let members speak, but avoid sensitive words at the same time. The crowd explained to the reporter.

Reporters found that daily group managers will regularly release the contents of the days gambling events, and various betting methods recommended. Group members obtain betting measures through the way of private credit administrators. The members of the group are mainly men who are relatively free at the age of 20-30, and some of them are young college students.

Reporters also found a screenshot of a blogger named YTG peach brother on micro-blog. The reporter made a secret visit to the blogger, and was then dragged into a S8RNG?? The hero alliance player WeChat group.

Micro-blog sports blogger is the agent of Spinach

Internal members say they usually set up sports social accounts with a certain number of human resources, and attract users to find them by discussing and uploading a cross cut screenshot. Taking the WeChat group as an example, its micro-blog account knows the ball has more than 10 thousand fans in Sinas micro-blog, and micro-blog is also a sports blogger on his classification, and the blogger has published a variety of bid list screenshots. In this way, I successfully found and completed a list of tens of thousands of dollars. The blogger, who called himself in the industry, explained to reporters the profit sharing. Youre all down to your line. You can get about 30% of the Commission for their profits and losses.

Spinach players tell the reporter, the general group of administrators are mainly acting as agent role, responsible for the person to the website or APP to make a bet, no matter how the agent can get profit sharing, generally 1% of the amount of investment or 30% of the loss of membership, and the agent can also develop the offline agent, hierarchical classification.

A QQ named Yi brother told reporters that Spinach agent to the web site or APP, they will register, players will recharge the agent will return more than 20%. In addition, we introduce more than 5 customers per month (20 days for more than 20 days), 700 yuan for fixed promotion fee, more than 10 customers per month, 1500 yuan for fixed promotion fee, more than 20 customers per month, 4588 yuan for fixed promotion fee, more than 30 customers per month and 6 fixed promotion fee. 888 yuan. In addition, Yi Ge also stressed: to achieve more than 50, I will talk to you more about the new plan, you can earn more.

An overseas registered APP has a daily average of hundreds of thousands of water

At present, gambling in the mainland belongs to the illegal industry, the competition has not been included in the scope of sports lottery, the domestic gaming gambling mainly through the peripheral website, or in the domestic game decoration trading platform.

Reporters noted that, according to the administrator provided a link site, if directly copied to a third partys mobile phone, there is no way to link to the page. Only the so-called internal link URL provided by the administrator can be opened, and the Baidu page will have a red font prompt danger. It is learnt that in order to avoid legal supervision, many gambling sites are registered overseas. For example, a gambling website called billion hair international is registered in Manila, Philippines.

However, according to people familiar with the information, the web site of foreign gambling websites is often reported, so the browser is listed as a dangerous website, a long time will be banned by the relevant parties. But for various reasons, the closure of websites often has a long lag period. When opening a sub station in China, gambling websites often apply for a large number of standby websites at once.

Reporters noted that these websites provide APP download channels on the homepage. The QQ group administrator told reporters that Apple system and Android system can be downloaded, as long as the registration can be. After the reporter downloaded the test, it was found that the odds of the traditional sports such as football, basketball and ping-pong ball on the APP home page were all right. In the one column of e-sports, it included dota2, hero alliance, csgo, the glory of the king and so on.

Each account is tied to a bank card, and a quota conversion is set up from BBIN to sports betting to prepare for the investment. The QQ group administrator told reporters that the amount reached at least 100 yuan to withdraw cash to the bank card. Reporters learned that the betting spinach betting funds transfer mainly through bank transfer remittance and the third party payment platform.

The reporter visited the LPL refueling group for more than a few days. In the group of more than 500 people, there are about 130 active users every day. The active spokesperson will take part in at least one or more guesses every day, and the amount of the subscribers will vary from dozens to thousands of yuan. It is reported that such a group, each game is running more than 10000 yuan. If you count DOTA2, CSGO, King glory and other popular sports items, close to 10 or 20 games a day. According to this estimation, the APP daily flow is very impressive, which is more than 300 thousand yuan.

According to Spinach player, it is only a small company in the spinach industry.


The Spinach platform uses virtual currency to avoid risk

In China, the gambling game of gambling has long been wandering on the edge of the law.

Since this year, the public security organs of Zhejiang province have been able to detect 127 casinos in the use of online games. The funds for the seizure and freezing of the cases have reached over 7 billion yuan, and 36 of the gambling network game platforms have been removed. Hubei province public security organs in the network of gambling, especially the organization of cross-border gambling, red packet gambling, APP gambling and other centralized governance action, has been killed 22 criminal gangs, and blocked 63 gambling websites abroad.

It is reported that in June 2016, the Tencent announced a comprehensive fight against network gambling, using large data wind control technology to identify and judge abnormal behavior with the characteristics of gambling. At the same time, a special security team has been set up to conduct two manual checks on the clues identified by the system. In addition, Tencent encourages users to actively report, for the accounts reported and verified the existence of illegal operations, Tencent will immediately take a block number or restriction function to deal with. The serious case will be dealt with by the police immediately. As of March this year, QQ security team closed more than 28,000 gambling violations QQ group, more than 11,000 gambling violations QQ accounts.

Therefore, Commission and two-way exchange are regarded as the two red lines to determine whether Internet games are gambling. A simple understanding is that cash can not be referred to. Reporter survey found that most of the mainland guessing platform used virtual currency to avoid legal risks. One is the virtual jewellery that can be traded in the game, such as CSGO and DOTA2 ornaments, and the other is the virtual currency created by the platform, such as the common m coins on MAX, the P beans of vpgame, the bamboo of the live platform, and the beans and so on. The virtual currency or game ornaments earned by competitive guessing can not be directly converted into Renminbi (cash), only the corresponding value of goods or game ornaments.

But Hongkong, Macao and foreign gambling sites are many peripheral, can be directly bet cash, such as the more familiar to the players, Southeast Asian billion Ding Bo, cattle competition and other platforms.

In addition to regular betting and winning, competitive spinach also draws on many traditional sports guessing methods. For example, before the start of a game, in addition to the early set of early discs, todays common single win (that is, only see the winner), and let the ball (the number of leaders) play the game, when choosing the rolling ball that is changing at any time, the one blood, five kill, duration and duration of the two teams in the competition are also betting. There are many kinds of gambling methods, such as the first team gets 10 kill, the head score, the team total kill number and so on.

In recent years, the technology of block chain which has become a tuyere has also been applied to competitive spinach. u53f7u79f0u4f5cu4e3au7535u7adeu884cu4e1au9996u94feu7684EPCuff0cu662fu7531u6fb3u95e8u8d4cu738bu4f55u9e3fu71cau4e4bu5b50u4f55u7337u541bu8054u5408u56fdu5185u7535u7adeu884cu4e1au5982u82e5u98ceu3001missu7b49u77e5u540du73a9u5bb6u521bu529eu7684u3002 It is reported that EPC has come to the ground with the application of competition guessing network, and the guessing game of the website contains all the mainstream competitive games with 18 kinds, of which the guesses of each competitive event will include regional to international events. In April 15th, when the Macao E-sports association was formally established, the 2018 Macao competition Carnival held in June was sponsored by EPC.

Cross border remote control operation

Difficult to strike

The reporter found that the illegal network contest gambling is a cross-border crime and is very hidden, and the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, causing great difficulties to the supervision and attack. It is understood that most of the gambling website servers are located in the countries and regions where gambling is legalized in Philippines and Malaysia. In the face of such transnational crimes, the public security organs of our country are often difficult to apply for international assistance, which is difficult and costly.

Not only that, because of the virtual nature of the network, gamblers are completely anonymous, the illegal elements also use the characteristics of the network to launch guerrilla warfare with the public security department, shielding a website, and the unlawfully reopened the IP address and the domain name.

At the same time, the imperfect legislation makes the application of law difficult. At present, the punishment for the betting personnel is mainly based on the seventieth article of the regulations on the punishment of public security management: to provide conditions for gambling for the purpose of making profit, or to participate in gambling gambling, the detention is below 5 days or more than 500 yuan and more than $3000. The reporter combs the network gambling case which has been exposed in recent years and finds that quite a number of people involved are the frequent criminals who have been detained or fined many times. This kind of punishment is not enough to deterrent criminals with huge gambling volume and serious circumstances.

The two or three line competition team is profit by the plate mouth

Moreover, in the explosive growth of the competition industry, spinach is still spreading inside the competition.

According to the official regulations of the hero alliance, the minimum salary of each official in the 2018 spring competition is 10000 yuan per month. In any case, the player or the coach shall not choose to accept lower than the minimum salary. That is to say, the professional player of LPL is at least ten thousand monthly salary. But according to the industry, the star teams core players are far more than that. Their transfer fee is tens of millions of yuan, and the annual income is up to tens of millions. Now, the hero League and the kings honors are all seven figures, even a few million yuan.

The leader of the competition Club told reporters that the current competition is composed of three parts, namely, wages, bonuses, and business activities. Among them, business activities include selling peripherals in Taobao stores, or playing game hosts on the platform. The income gap between players of different strength and fame is large.

According to the latest global bidding list, China ranked first in the list of all project national bonuses, with 74 million 330 thousand of the $2 million of Iceice. In June, according to the net - Net - net players income rankings, the hero League game anchor aleng` was ranked first in the 4 million 560 thousand yuan gift income.

However, E-sports is a Pyramid movement, and the players who can stand on the top are not destined to do too much. In the professional tennis tournament, there are a large number of three line teams and even the youth training team. The head of the campus electronic competition agency said that basically every large team would have one or two youth teams.

According to the head of Alpha club, the annual salary of young players is not high. The above-mentioned head of the campus E-sports club also said that the youth teams salary in 6000-20000 yuan, mainly the difference in transfer fees, can be very different.

Related research shows that the peak period of the competition is about 24 years old, and the performance will be slightly worse after that. In just a few years of career, if there is not enough return, retirement life for non-front-line electricians will be a big problem. The above industry told reporters, Some third-line players are living a corrupt life, a night K song can consume tens of thousands of dollars, where is the money from? It is the Spinach of his own. There are negative competition cases in professional games, which is inevitable in all sports industries. Big clubs dont do negative things, but as far as I know, some small clubs let players play negative games for profit.

The head of Ali Sports WESG also admitted that there is indeed a player playing fake games to imprison their own spinach behavior. Many two or three line competition teams do not rely on bonuses or wages, and expect to make profits.

Difficulty of supervision

Normal competition and play

Difficulty in obtaining evidence is difficult to distinguish

The leader of the WESG sports event said that, in fact, each event organizer was abhorrent to the competitive spinach, and it would also specify in the rules of the competition that the violators abolished the qualification of the competition or the number of competitions, but it was difficult to identify, to obtain evidence, and to make it difficult to make a penalty.

Ali sports WESG event in charge also said that the performance of the players in the game is very different from before, there is a deliberate send head, major mistakes and other obvious behavior, at this time the Arbitration Commission will investigate the pan mouth. If there is an abnormal movement in the market and a large amount of money is traded, the motivation matches the behavior, and it can be concluded that the game is a fake. We will also study the plate at ordinary times. However, the person in charge also admitted that such behavior was difficult to identify and could not be punished for the first time.

In addition, the relationship between the professional league matches and the Gambling company is relatively ambiguous. For example, most of the electric gaming is attached to all kinds of competition, and the user can earn profits by making a beforehand bet. Combing reporters found that many professional teams or clubs can see the shadow of Gambling company. For example, Mr. cat sponsored the VG, VGJ and VP teams in China. Vpgame sponsored LGD, LFY, cdce, Empire and VG teams. C5GAME sponsored the wings and VG teams. ImbaTv sponsored TYl club, BOF club, DK club and so on. It is understood that in the rules of the professional league, there are no specific restrictions on the sponsors of the club, such as the hero League, dota2, the glory of the king, the csgo and so on, which only limit the name of the sponsors of the gambling website during the competition.

The leader of the competition Club told reporters that Gambling company is sponsoring more to improve their industry fame. If a stick dies, it is unfair to identify a team sponsored by Gambling company, just as many football clubs will have Gambling company sponsorship, as long as the club is strictly controlled. OK. Ali sports WESG event manager also said that as a Gambling company, it is very resistant to the players to play the game, this will let them lose their reputation and be disadvantageous to the remaining customers. In addition, the person in charge also said that the fake games generally occurred in the league, and the major competitions were relatively rare. Product: Nandu pan entertainment index group 07 - 08 edition co ordinate: Zhen Tian ETUDE collection and write: Nandu reporter Kong Xueshao Cai Hui Intern Yuan Chan Wang Ziying this article source: Southern Metropolis Newspaper responsibility editor: Wang Fengzhi _NT2541

The leader of the competition Club told reporters that Gambling company is sponsoring more to improve their industry fame. If a stick dies, it is unfair to identify a team sponsored by Gambling company, just as many football clubs will have Gambling company sponsorship, as long as the club is strictly controlled. OK.

Ali sports WESG event manager also said that as a Gambling company, it is very resistant to the players to play the game, this will let them lose their reputation and be disadvantageous to the remaining customers. In addition, the person in charge also said that the fake games generally occurred in the league, and the major competitions were relatively rare.

Product: Nandu pan entertainment index group

07 - 08 edition co ordinate: Zhen Tian ETUDE

Writing: Kong Xueshao Cai Hui, a journalist from Nandu

Yuan Chan Wang Ziying, an intern