Workers Stadium starts, professional stadium renovation will be delivered by the end of 2022

 Workers Stadium starts, professional stadium renovation will be delivered by the end of 2022

Beijing workers stadium is an important building built on the 10th anniversary of the founding of new China. It is the host of the first national games and other large-scale sports events. It is also the main bearing place of Beijing football. It has witnessed the development of Chinas sports since the founding of new China. It has been listed in the list of excellent modern buildings in the capital, bearing the feelings and feelings of the people of the capital and even the whole country Memory.

The main building of Beijing Workers Stadium is a concrete structure with a design service life of 50 years. Since the 1990s, three structural reinforcement and one facility renovation have been carried out. Among them, in order to host the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games related events, a comprehensive structural reinforcement was carried out according to the seismic fortification standard of 7 degree (Beijing area is 8 degree seismic fortification area), and the service life is 12 years.

At present, the main structure of Beijing Workers Stadium has reached the service life, and the appraisal result of relevant national professional institutions for the workers stadium is DEU, that is, the overall safety of building structure and seismic capacity of buildings do not conform to the comprehensive safety appraisal standard for building structures (DB11 / 637-2015). At the same time, the original design standards of the workers Stadium are relatively backward, and the facilities and equipment functions are outdated, which can no longer meet the functional requirements of holding international large-scale professional football events, and it is in urgent need of upgrading and transformation.

From June to July 2023, the 18th Asian Football Cup (hereinafter referred to as the 2023 Asian Cup) will be held in China, with 24 teams participating in 51 matches. The 2023 Asian Cup is the highest level and most influential football event in Asia at the stage of rapid development of Asian football.

As one of the 10 host cities, Beijing will host the opening and closing ceremonies and finals of the 2023 Asian Cup. According to the requirements of the Asian Football Association for the Cup Stadium, it is necessary to transform the workers Stadium from a comprehensive stadium to a professional football field with international first-class standards. According to the construction standards of international large-scale professional football field, we should carry out all-round upgrading and transformation from the aspects of stand bowl shape, professional lawn, additional canopy, match facilities, functional support and other aspects, so as to meet the domestic and international standards Conditions of international large-scale professional football matches.

The reconstruction has three characteristics

First, we should do a good job in protecting the scenery. After the renovation, the main oval shape of the stadium will remain basically unchanged, the form and proportion of the facade will remain basically unchanged, the characteristic elements will remain basically unchanged, the solemn and elegant architectural style will be restored, the historical and cultural features of the capital will be inherited, and the memory of Beijings top ten architectural cities will be retained.

Second, pay attention to function improvement. On the basis of restoring the original open and sparse space form, the transformed workers Stadium will be seamlessly connected with the urban underground rail transit, so that the underground space resources can be comprehensively developed and utilized. Through the construction of a number of sports venues and supporting facilities to meet the needs of citizens for various sports and cultural activities. According to the combination of peacetime and epidemic disease, the design and construction standards of public health and public safety of venues and underground service facilities should be improved to ensure public safety.

The third is to optimize the audience experience. The renovation will adopt the latest stand bowl design, canopy construction technology, television broadcast technology, acoustic technology, sports special technology, etc., and the venue facilities will be more professional, standardized, standardized and humanized, which will make the watching environment more comfortable and bring the best viewing experience to the audience.

On the premise of restoring the original historical features, the reconstructed workers stadium can not only meet the requirements of the Asian Cup, but also take into account the possibility of hosting higher-level international events in the future, so as to reach the international first-class professional football field standard. The workers Stadium will also become an open urban public space for mass sports and cultural activities and a new vitality center of the city.

The new Beijing Workers Stadium is scheduled to be delivered in December 2022. At present, Beijing has listed the project as a municipal major project, and set up a municipal work team to enter the site to promote the reconstruction and reconstruction work.

Source: Beijing Daily Author: Beijing Daily editor: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732