A-share transaction of 1 trillion no more such new shares batch break!

 A-share transaction of 1 trillion no more such new shares batch break!

Gold stocks soared

A shares three major indexes today shock finishing, the final collective small rise. The trading volume of the market shrank. The turnover of the two markets was less than 1 trillion yuan. Today, the transaction volume reached 927.2 billion yuan, breaking through trillion yuan for 17 consecutive trading days, significantly shrinking from the previous trading days 1334.877 billion yuan.

Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 0.26% to 3205.23; the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 0.32% to 12976.87; and the gem rose 0.15% to 2631.76.

On the disk, gold, vaccines, agricultural planting and other sectors were the top gainers, while tax-free, military industry, retail and other sectors fell first.

As of the closing of a shares, the statistical data showed that the total net outflow of northward funds was 1.514 billion yuan. Among them, the net outflow of Shanghai Stock connect was 3.816 billion yuan, and the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock connect was 2.302 billion yuan. Statistics show that the net outflow of northward funds for three consecutive days was 3.654 billion yuan, 16.357 billion yuan and 1.514 billion yuan, totaling 21.525 billion yuan.

Affected by the news, gold plate rose sharply.

New third board selected layer 21 shares break

70% of the shares have a turnover of less than 100 million

On July 27, the first batch of selected stocks of the new third board were opened for trading, and 32 new stocks of the new third board were listed today. Individual stocks were greatly divided, and the fund game was fierce. 21 stocks were broken. As of todays closing, only 10 companies were red, and n shares were up 55%. Four stocks, such as n Xianghe and N hengtuo, fell by more than 20%. In terms of transaction volume, nearly 70% of the stocks had a turnover of less than 100 million, but the star was a star The transaction amount of n beiteri was more than 800 million.

Netizens commented that no wonder the new mechanism is 100 shares per capita

How can I get to the back market?

Qin Peijing team of CITIC Securities strategy pointed out that external factors only affect short-term sentiment, and can not cause substantial impact on domestic economy and financial market; although the market is faced with multiple external risk factors, considering domestic policy fundamentals and liquidity factors, there is also support downward. Since the middle and late July, the A-share market is in a state of equilibrium. Any sudden impact is a new opportunity to enter the market. Investors can make advance layout for the next round of rise.

Guotai Junan strategy Li Shaojun Jun Jun Jun Jun Junan strategy Li Shaojun pointed out that with the narrowing of the circulation scale, the internal and external policies and geographical risks are expected to be better than expected, and the financial reform and domestic big cycle measures will be carried out. After the pricing of short-term risk factors, investors pessimistic expectations are expected to be restored, and the market liquidity will gradually stabilize from the rapid contraction in the early stage, and it is expected that the future market will remain unchanged Shock pattern.

Shen wanhongyuan: there is no basis for a sharp drop in the market. Under the background that the domestic macro-economy continues to improve and the profit growth of listed companies continues to pick up, the bull market in the medium and long term can still be expected, and the range of short-term correction can be controlled.

However, the impact of short-term market sentiment is not sustainable, because the five optimistic factors supporting A-share upward have not changed qualitatively

(1) China and the United States have not changed the pattern of power change; (2) the pattern of accelerated domestic reform in the second half of the year has not changed; (3) the trend of increasing the number of a shares by public funds; (4) the long-term dominant pattern of science and technology and consumption leader has not changed; (5) the overall direction of stable growth policy has not changed.

CICC: recent market volatility has increased, sentiment has cooled, local valuation is not low, profit taking and other factors amplified the pressure of external interference in the second half of last week. Looking forward, the markets short-term sentiment may continue to cool down, and it still needs some time to build up its momentum. However, it is expected that there is not much room for correction, so it is not appropriate to be overly pessimistic about the markets medium-term prospects.

In terms of operation, consumption, medicine, science and technology and advanced manufacturing, which focus on the trend of consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading, may continue to perform in the medium term after digesting the valuation. The sharp decline in the short term will be a low absorption opportunity, and the short-term focus on photovoltaic, home appliances, auto parts, home furnishings and other fields.

In the second half of the year, the new economy will continue to be the main line, but the allocation of new and old plates will be more balanced, and the old economy will absorb less securities companies in consolidation.