Divorce of he Youqi: Qi Jiao can be called a good ex-wife in China

 Divorce of he Youqi: Qi Jiao can be called a good ex-wife in China


He Youqi


If so, it is reasonable for him to be with a nine year old girl. Its just that being found out and then admitting to divorce - its a bit messy. But I always think its best to have a clean relationship. Its better than a mess in ones own marriage. Its better to do three or four things outside marriage. Its just that the marriage of the rich is always more complicated than that of the common people. It is not to say that divorces on the divorce, which involves too many relations: interest relations, human relations and so on. He Youqi and his ex-wife Qi Jiao have two children. What will they do?


To all of you who care about us, Im very sorry that you Qi and I havent been announced to the public because we are busy dealing with our familys affairs and avoiding any additional disturbance.

After long deliberation, we decided to divorce a few months ago. Although we are separated, it is still a family relationship. Parents of two children will continue to pay love and responsibility for our children and take good care of them. I hope you can give us some space, especially dont disturb the childrens life. Please understand and thank you again for your concern. Thank you.

Yes, children are the most innocent. (article / piaoyutang) adults should try to make children less hurt, and less harm, whether they are separated or combined. Divorce, the best outcome is a different two wide, each born happy.. He Youqis gossip girlfriend is a Post-00. At present, he is only 20 years old, studying in a British university. In any case, this is his personal choice. Qi Jiao takes her two daughters back to her home in Shanghai, and he Youqi sees her off. On 520 Valentines day, Qi Jiao showed her wedding photo with he Youqi, who praised her publicly

Thank you for your concern and support. Children are the most important thing to me. Orlando is also a very good person. I hope everyone will not attack any party again. The world is beautiful and the time is short. We should cherish every moment of the moment, dont indulge and aggrieve ourselves ~ live a good day, full of positive energy.


No matter what, or hope you Qi and Qi Jiao are happy!