More than 1700 bank outlets closed during the year! How to deal with the accelerated withdrawal of business

 More than 1700 bank outlets closed during the year! How to deal with the accelerated withdrawal of business

As of July 27, Chinas commercial banks have closed 1741 outlets, of which 603 are from six major banks. Specifically, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of China and China Construction Bank have closed more than 100 outlets, and the other three big banks also have more than 60 outlets.

Most of the people who come to the outlets to handle business are old people. The business staff will teach them how to use the mobile phone client to handle business. If they cant, they can still go to the counter to handle business, but the number of counters has been greatly reduced. A credit manager of the Agricultural Bank of China in Shenzhen told the Financial Association, citing his work as an example, if a customer has a loan demand, the public customer will generally provide door-to-door service, and most personal loans can be made online.

According to the reporter of CFA, in recent years, the Agricultural Bank of China has promoted the strategic transformation of outlets and vigorously developed online channels with the main contents of four reductions, two increases and one reform (reduction of network area, reduction of equipment, reduction of tellers, reduction of cost, increase of marketing ability, increase of risk control ability, and improvement of operation system and process). By the end of 2019, all outlets have realized intelligence, and 24100 counter staff have been enriched into marketing Service posts.

In the view of Dong ximiao, a special researcher of the national finance and development laboratory, some banks have been too rash in the construction of community branches, which is also the main reason for the abolition of community branches in recent years. According to the CBRC financial licensing information system, since this year, 403 community branch outlets have been closed, 196 have been opened and 207 have been closed.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that since May this year, mengshang bank has gradually taken over the business and outlets of the original contractor bank. During this period, 294 outlets of the original subcontractor bank were closed and 250 new outlets were opened.

How to deal with big banks and small and medium banks?

Each banks endowment, culture, history and customer base are different, so we should do a good job in differentiated strategic positioning. Taking the United States community bank as an example, they use the combination of online and offline to transform the offline business outlets, gradually transforming the outlets from the window of selling products to the places of customer experience, and even regard the outlets as a place for customers to display their products. Xiao Gang, former chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, said when talking about the digital transformation of Chinas banking industry.

The reporter of the financial association noted that in recent years, the six major banks are in the process of digital and scene transformation and upgrading. For example, ICBC will release a new generation of smart bank flagship store in Beijing in 2019 to create a new generation of smart outlets with technology driven, service collaboration, scene linking and ecological integration; CCB will build its business outlets into an online platform linking with surrounding communities; and Bank of China will create an online and offline organic integration, financial and non-financial seamless convergence business ecosystem.

A person from a small and medium-sized bank in Hubei Province said that compared with large state-owned banks, small and medium-sized bank outlets are relatively backward in digital construction, but there are certain differences between small and medium-sized banks in terms of customer groups and large state-owned banks. These people are relatively dependent on physical outlets, and savings in banks with physical outlets will also make them feel more at ease.

For those customers who are used to counter service, banks should keep pace with the times, arrange service upgrading, and pursue simple and practical and humanistic care. So says one financial technology expert.

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