Xiong Ling: dont let express dependence hurt

 Xiong Ling: dont let express dependence hurt

2) Against fast-paced defense. Most of them are young people who suffer from express delivery dependence. Their lifestyle is like laziness and pause, which is undoubtedly a counterbalance to the fast-paced life, just like the rebellious adolescent rebellion against their parents love like a bomb. It can be said that express dependence, as the birth of fast-paced life, reflects peoples resistance (or defense) to fast-paced life from another perspective. Seeing peoples performance of relying on express delivery is like the outbreak of inertia or laziness. It is a kind of luxury enjoyment, but it also shows a phenomenon that things will reverse when they reach the extreme. Because people have to quickly become lazy men under the control of competition and fast-paced life. Therefore, relying on express delivery is a kind of defense against the explosion of life (or suffocation).

3) The satisfaction of dependency complex. Dependence is the most primitive instinctive need of human beings. In the early stage, people can grow up by absolutely relying on the help of others, so dependence is also the most profound complex of human beings. Express has the convenience, timeliness and other functions, can quickly arouse the deepest needs of human nature, make people quickly retreat to the early childhood period of opening mouth and relying on hand to enjoy the deep sense of timely satisfaction. Express dependence also symbolizes peoples self-center - emperor complex: as long as you (the emperor) open your mouth, the courier (servant) can serve you, which is an indirect satisfaction of noble status. A lot of human complex is manifested through indirect ways and achieved satisfaction in disguised ways. For example, fighting against landlords and game dependence have revealed and met peoples desire for power and conquest complex in disguise.

Express dependence must have its disadvantages. For example, staying at home for a long time will damage body function, long-term ingestion of fast food junk is harmful to health, and long-term dependence on being served will promote psychological dependence, weaken individual initiative and interpersonal interaction ability. However, when people enjoy convenience, they must bear the hidden risk. Often, excellence and cost go hand in hand.

If we say that human beings have created civilization, and have been kidnapped by civilization, it is clear that everything has two sides, then the effect of express dependence is that several families are happy and others are worried. As a social situation, whether it is a blessing or a curse or a joy or a worry depends on the value orientation of the express delivery and the demand of the social people and consumers.