Not all fate, all happiness can be expected

 Not all fate, all happiness can be expected

The person who made his heart beat at the beginning may be the one who stings him most in the end; the one who loves himself most may later become the one who hurts himself most in the world.

The person who can give you happiness probably owes you in the last life, and the person who can hurt you is you owe TA, thats all.

At the beginning of a relationship, cherish it and dont hurt it maliciously. When a fate is lost, you should learn to be calm. There is no need to humble yourself or be pitiful. The will of heaven cant be violated. When fate comes, it gathers, and when it ends, it disperses.

If life has been arranged, then every step of life is inevitable. If you fall here, it is actually to make your body stronger. If you fall into darkness there, it is just to let you overcome your fear and cherish the light one day.

If emotion can not bring happiness to a person, it is doomed to be pain, which is the attribute of emotion. And everyone, starting a relationship, of course, is running for happiness, but in the end, how many people left with pain.

So, feelings or fate, in fact, the original intention is not to give you happiness, we initially misunderstood all this. In the final analysis, all the experiences of emotion have only two meanings

One meaning is to complete our life. If we dont have emotional experience, this life is probably a kind of regret. Therefore, its good to have experienced it. Why bother about the final outcome of this relationship? Another significance is to let us experience life, understand human nature, a happy feeling, will let you see the kindest side of human nature, love and care, tolerance and sincerity, responsibility and responsibility On the contrary, an unhappy relationship, a hurt one, will surely let you see the bad side of human nature, selfishness and cold-blooded, evasion and calculation, betrayal and deception

This is how life is made up of. Human nature is complex and changeable, and life is also complicated and changeable. All our experiences in this life will teach us these in the end.

Cherish the good and let go of the pain, this process is growth; therefore, the more experience, the more conducive to our growth. Experience is not a bad thing, but we are actually afraid of experience, especially those unexpected experiences that are not in our plan.

Everything is the best arrangement, do you believe it?

If you believe it, its probably because youve experienced some kind of bad, but now youre doing well; if you dont believe it, youre basically having a bad time. No matter how well you live, life goes on every day, which will eventually promote your growth little by little.

When you are in trouble and in the dark, dont be sad and despair. Hold on. Give yourself some hope and strength. Believe that all this will pass. Go through the endless darkness. When you can see the light, you will feel the warmth of the light more.

Yes, all the bad experiences, the final significance, are to let us know what is really good, and then, when we really get better, we will cherish all the hard won things more, and then we will be grateful. Along the way, we will go around, stumble, and finally be able to move forward to this point, from fragile to brave and strong.