Gu Jia: being a full-time wife is not as simple as you think!

 Gu Jia: being a full-time wife is not as simple as you think!

In order to enable her son Xu Ziyan to attend the kindergarten she expected, Gu Jia found out that Mrs. Wangs husband, who lived on the top floor of her family, was the director of the kindergarten. He could help recommend his son to the kindergarten.

So, in order to get close to Mrs. Wang, she visited her own house, sent her own cake, helped her adjust her telescope, and arranged a touching drama of meeting on the stairs, changing shoes with her and going downstairs barefoot. After Zui was successfully recommended, she sent her son to the kindergarten.

After her son entered the kindergarten, Gu Jia was highly praised in the school and parents circle because of her ability and performance. However, as the chairman of the family Committee, Muzis mother was dissatisfied and repeatedly beat and warned her. But for the sake of her son, after many rounds, she chose forbearance.

Later, Muzis mother took advantage of her childs birthday party and, without informing Gu Jia, received Xu Ziyan into her own home, deliberately isolated him and locked him in a small black room.

At this time, Gu Jia did not continue to choose forbearance. In particular, when she appeared at the door of Muzi and heard her son crying and crying when he was alone in the room, all the energy in her body suddenly burst out.

Like a roaring lion, she rushed in, and with a strong air of irrefutable power, she drank and scolded Muzi, and her mother opened the door. After entering the room, he first gave a brief emotional comfort to his son, and then took him away from the room.

Then, a particularly wonderful scene appeared. Gu Jia said to her son in a calm voice. After waiting for her mother, she rushed in again in a spirit that made everyone at the scene confused. She pushed and pushed Muzis mother and the other mother who was making noises nearby into the room.

But in fact, before beating Muzis mother, Gu Jia didnt think about the way out. Just as she said in response to Muzis mothers revenge, you can call the police, but I can also shake out the scandal of your accepting kickbacks, and make you disgraced.

In addition to the overall situation of her husband and her son, they can also do well in education.

In order to help her husband get the list of the big customer, Mr. Wan, Gu Jia planned first and then moved, apologized to Mr. Wan with the sincerity of Zui, and insisted on sincerity and patience until after Zui.

But later, when the other party touched her bottom line, she was able to refuse with great courage and courage.

In particular, when Gu Jia got to know Mrs. Yu through Mrs. Wangs rich circle and learned that Mrs. Yus husband was expected to become a big client of her husbands career, her brain and Su 600 were quickly mobilized.

Gu Jia accurately captures that if she wants to win over Yus wife, she must be entering the rich circle and be accepted and recognized by them, instead of becoming the laid-off person in the group photo. So, after observation and analysis, she decided to start with a brand bag that made them amazing.

However, such a limited amount of money for Gu Jia, who was hard to pay his employees at that time, was not a small number. However, Gu Jia still bought the bag by brushing xyk, and became a regular rich circle.

Gu jianeng does this, which requires not only sharp thinking and good personal accomplishment, but also ruthlessness and pattern, which is far from what ordinary women can do.

Although I dont agree with the comparison of life adventure and vanity, a persons strong heart and true ~ positive accomplishment, and even the position of life they can stand on, are often reflected in the pattern and wisdom of dealing with crisis.

However, in real life, women like Gu Jia are rare after all, and can not be imitated by any woman.

Although full-time wives are at home, their living conditions and problems to be solved are often more complicated and cruel than those in the workplace. Although they are bloodless, they need to accept greater challenges in terms of body and mind, time, ability and comprehensive quality. If you are not careful, you will have a negative effect that is difficult to repair.

In fact, from the cases I have seen, women who have been full-time wives will have different degrees of psychological anxiety in two to three years. At the same time, in three to five years later, it deviated from the society, and then produced greater psychological panic. Even after six to eight years, there were psychological disorders, and Zui was still unable to get positive recognition from her husband and family members.

Therefore, a woman must have sufficient mental preparation before going home to be a full-time wife. We should not only have expectations of the difficulties in the future, but also have an accurate, comprehensive and profound understanding of our own ability, ruthlessness, pattern and comprehensive quality. We should never go home to be a full-time wife just by a few sweet words from a man and his three minute enthusiasm.