Close the door now! Are you sure you dont want to catch up with this summers fashion?

 Close the door now! Are you sure you dont want to catch up with this summers fashion?

1. Daily wear

For the fashion elite in street photography, colors are often bold and exaggerated. In daily life, we can learn from some ideas of dressing. Even if we dont copy all of them, we can make your clothes look brand new.

The bright fruit green looks exaggerated when used on a single piece. If the total look is all bright color blocks, it needs a strong aura and matching skills. It is more suitable for going to parties or attending activities than in daily life.

If you are more confident about your figure, you can also play with the missing way of wearing your underclothes as demonstrated by the brand blockbuster. Bright green will easily stand out among the surrounding piles of white T-shirts, and will not turn the whole person into a walking palette.

Manicure, hair color, eye shadow and other beauty trends are not less sensitive to color than fashion direction.

When it comes to hair color, most peoples first impression is that the green pear with fire is green. After bright green bleaching and dyeing, it is deliberately made to burst the top effect, especially suitable for the younger sisters who walk on the street. With green accessories and knitwear, you are walking avocado itself.

There is also a kind of green that many girls have dyed. Although it looks bold, it will never look like a little girl, but its cool and beautiful. Thats Polaris green.

The dark green, which is carried by the little sister of Polaris, can be controlled by ordinary people.

Perhaps bleaching and dyeing hair color is exaggeration for some students or office workers who need professional dress, so a clean and refreshing summer green manicure is also very suitable.

3. Lifestyle

In addition to reflecting the beauty of this color matching in wearing, in many places in life, the use of these vivid colors can also play a refreshing effect.

In fact, it is not only fashion and beauty bloggers who are good at playing with colors. Recently, a very cool designer cross-border co branding cooperation has also used such a beautiful color design.

Famacm brand designer Wu Wei designed the car clothes for the third generation mingjue 6

Famacm brand designer Wu Wei designed the car clothes for the third generation mingjue 6

The cross-border car clothing design of the third generation mingjue 6 and famacm fashion brand has improved the color design on the basis of the original model, retaining the green full of vitality, integrating the calm gray, superimposing the industrial model grid lines of flexible design, showing the fashion dynamic and youth vitality, leading the design aesthetic trend.

Designer Wu Wei and the third generation mingjue 6

The DNA of chaopai fmacm is also cool. The brand was founded by designer Wu Wei in 2014. Fmacm is a compound word of fax machine and clean machine, which originally means fax machine and cleaning machine.

Through the official color matching of the third generation mingjue 6, we associate the aurora phenomenon in the Arctic of Iceland. The ethereal texture and visual image are the inspiration sources of this cooperation. Finally, we chose the official color gradient and fmacm embroidery as the keynote.

What if I dont see enough? Satisfy everyone!

The cross-border joint design of Netease fashion with the third generation of mingjue 6 and fashion designers will continue. What kind of surprise design concept will be presented for you next time? Please look forward to the follow-up push!

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921