After her death, a million strangers turned to her microblog for help. Help them!

 After her death, a million strangers turned to her microblog for help. Help them!

Unfortunately, the rescue under the whole networks attention is still a step late.

We dont ask for a response, but we ask for a response.

Even on July 27 this year, some people left behind a suicide plan:

Ah fan, I cant do without this disease... Im looking forward to getting attention every time...

Ive been thrown away, raped, raped on campus... I really want to have strength and support.

Originally, when a person intends to farewell to the world, it is likely to leave traces.

Maybe its the words that you pour out,

It can be summed up as the warning of suicide.

Haizi said, you come to the world, you want to see the sun.

What about leaving ahead of time?

We should also shout at the empty valley, whether there is an echo or not.

The person who specially captures this hollow echo and reaches out his hand to them has a sacred name called suicide interventor.

If you dont sell it to me, Ill jump off the eighth floor.

Dont stop me. Its useless to stop me. Its not the first time I want to die.

I didnt succeed in taking medicine last time, so I wanted to change my method.

Wu Gang works on an e-commerce platform, but he doesnt sell goods. He grabs people from death.

Before this kind of suicide notice is put into practice.

For him, the anxiety, despair and distress signals hidden behind the order are countless times more important than the order itself.

There are two ways of suicide, one is determined, silent, without a trace of life desire.

The other is also with a desire to live, wandering between life and death.

With some expectation, they leave a suicide signal to strangers.

What the Wugang team needs to do is to capture this signal on the platform and pacify it.

Let them feel warm, feel the importance, feel the call of life.

At the same time, the united government departments intervened.

This intervention has been questioned:

Its so annoying that I wont let you die. Isnt it too hard to force people to die?

On the contrary, if a person is determined to die, it can not be stopped.

Because there are more ways to die than you can imagine.

Some people say that this is the progress of society, because some people are willing to listen to the voice of the essence of life regardless of their achievements.

Some people say that they sell not goods, but warmth..

The most fatal thing about depressive patients is that they are very sick, but the whole world thinks you are being hypocritical.

Also complain, why so many things.

It seems that everyone is invincible.

One day in December 2019, customer service Lulu received such a message.

After chatting, I found out that the other party was a 12-year-old girl who felt tired of life and everyone was hating me, so she wanted to buy sleeping pills to commit suicide.

Lulu had to say that the sleeping pills were out of stock.

Unexpectedly, the little girl immediately thought of another one. She threatened:

If you cant deliver the goods, Ill have to jump off the building for a while. I dont want to attempt suicide. I should be able to die at this height?

So while the problem was fed back to Alis safety, she was pacified.

You see, December is such a beautiful month, with the first snow, the new years bell and the fireworks after the countdown. We should all have a good time in December.

At the same time of online persuasion, offline rescue is also carried out at the same time.

In the early morning, the police finally found the little girls home.

At that time, the little girl had just gone through hell, and her parents knew nothing about it.

After all, crushing the last straw of a camel is insignificant to most people.

People, sometimes sensitive, sometimes run down, accumulate more, is the message of death.

Fortunately, these messages are no longer ignored.

Of course, some peoples suicide warning is very cruel, not just to say I want to die, but is dying.

The Institute for depression has a very extreme case.

In the chat, the staff member Lao Wu knew the crux of the other party.

Isolated in college,

At work, I often carry the blame for my boss

No one understood and cared about herself, which made her think of suicide.

But there was still a little thought in her mind.

Wus listening undoubtedly satisfied her expectations.

After hearing this, Lao Wu did not offer any consolation, but suggested that:

Take two minutes a week to record a positive experience,

Sort out your past works,

Update your resume and browse some recruitment opportunities in your spare time,

Try to talk to people you trust about your situation and get more perspective.

Those who are close to the abyss can only encourage and refuel, but sometimes they have little effect.

If they can give birth to a reason to live on, they can be cured from the source.

Sure enough, the patients attention shifted.

This means that as long as they get through the dangerous period, they may not be short-sighted.

There was an interventionist who left a message to a girl who couldnt think of it and said, Ill buy you a bunch of sunflowers.

Because sunflowers represent sunlight.

At first, the girl refused to say, sister, I really cant raise one.

Two days later, the girls heart slowly opened and saw the blooming beauty of sunflowers.

She said to the interventionist, sister, if you work hard, I will study hard.

It turns out that a moment of extreme pain can be shared and refined.

Its equivalent to a buffer.

The bad mood is channeled.

However, the cynics cant hide their secrets. As long as they ask a little or care about them, they will tell the whole story, and they just need to remind each other:

I want to kill myself. Stop me quickly?

Tell me a reason not to commit suicide?

Because they cant persuade themselves, they cant open their hearts, but suicide interventionists can pull them and save their lives.

According to the World Health Organizations 2016 global suicide data, about every 40 seconds around the world, one person commits suicide and 20 people attempt suicide.

Suicide has become the second leading cause of death among people aged 15 to 29.

After all, people are emotional animals, and their desire to die will be shaken.

Behind every crisis behavior is the despair of life.

Hunger is not just a lack of food, but a longing for love,

Being naked and cold is not only about having no clothes, but also about being deprived of human dignity,

Homelessness means not just a place to live, but exclusion and abandonment.

This reminds us not to look at others vulnerability with arrogance, because you have never experienced other peoples pain.

What we can do is to keep awe and listen, and this attitude can often give people strength.

As a tree hole worker said, listening to itself is interfering with their suicide and self mutilation.

From this point of view, everyone is a suicide interventor.

See other peoples joys and sorrows, see others loneliness and despair. Be a listener and dispel their uneasiness about living. Let them see tolerance, comfort and understanding.

And sincerely feel that living in this world is not alone.

This is the most effective medicine to intervene suicide.

And that can be done by all of us.

Author: Yu Yichen