At this moment, I accepted my own ordinary

 At this moment, I accepted my own ordinary

The big waves in life and death parting, most of the time, we have no chance to experience. We are too used to a stable life, so the same boring life trajectory makes people tired of ordinary. Occasionally imagine what it would be like to have a life of ups and downs. There are earth shaking career achievements, there is a magnificent love story, after thinking about this, it is very unsatisfied with the present life. But to be able to accept their own ordinary, perhaps is the most extraordinary thing. At the beginning, park Shu sang about life as gorgeous as summer flowers, but ten years later, he talked about the ordinary road. Maybe we have experienced the vicissitudes and changes of life, and we may also understand the significance of ordinary life. I have been disappointed, lost all directions, until I see the ordinary, is the only answer.



Roman Roland once said: there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to see the truth of life and still love life. We are all a member of the crowd, as a nameless people in the society mixed with the way out. Some people slowly sink into the light and wine, some people struggle to keep their original intention, but some people get easy. We will eventually understand that there is no justice in life, so we begin to be dissatisfied with and even bored with the life we have. Why am I such an ordinary person? There are always people who dont like Gandhi. But when we are willing to call the no waves of life as plain happiness, perhaps we have found the true meaning of life.


In fact, in the face of painful and difficult life, what we need to do is not to have the super ability of fantasy, but to accept the ordinary self, and then continue to work hard to be better ourselves. You have to believe and understand that the ordinary is not mediocre. When you decide to grow up for your ordinary life and struggle for the ordinary life, ordinary is also great. There is no absolute appearance in life. There are only stagnant complaints and conscientious happiness. Only hope that our final choice is to be content with the ordinary, and strive for the happiness of the ordinary. Therefore, when things go against your wishes, please accept the ordinary and accept yourself.