Hangzhou wife murder case follow up: may be more than one life!

 Hangzhou wife murder case follow up: may be more than one life!

Compared with the truth of the case, more people marvel at Xu Guolis skillful criminal techniques and strong psychological quality.

And the interview place, it is in his own home, that is, the crime scene.

The monitoring of the community captured that Xu Guoli had passed by during the process of extracting fecal water by the police.

This kind of psychological quality cannot be achieved by ordinary people.

Ms. Lai appeared in the elevator monitoring of the community on June 4 and disappeared on June 5.

In other words, Xu Guoli only spent one night to deal with the scene almost quietly and without leakage.

Therefore, many people suspect that Xu Guoli is skillful and may not have committed the crime for the first time.


In 2002, her 16-year-old daughter, who was found lying on the bathroom floor with a hole in her right neck, died.

There were two important clues at that time.

One is that the doors and windows of the house are not damaged.

Second, witnesses said that between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m., she saw a man walking out of Ms. Lius house. He was a little more than 1.70 meters tall and thinner.

Xu Guoli accords with the above two characteristics.

On the day of Lius daughters funeral, Xu Guoli went to attend and bought a shroud for the girl.

At present, the police have been focusing on Xu Guoli and launched a new investigation into the old case 18 years ago.

If the final investigation shows that the murder of Miss Lius daughter is indeed what Guo Guoli has done.

It had to make the back cold.

After his daughter died, Xu Guoli still kept a good friendship with Ms. Lius family.

This can be said to be the meaning of wealth, which can be regarded as a close friend.


According to the survey, 70% of the murders in the world happen among acquaintances.

In the secret corner, all unexpected things may happen.

From 1988 to 2002, 11 women were killed in Baiyin City, Gansu Province. The youngest was only 8 years old, which was called silver serial homicide.

This caused a great deal of panic locally.

Until 2016, new progress was made in DNA technology, and the suspect Gao Chengyong was finally arrested and confessed.

In this regard, people around Gao Chengyong are very surprised.

In their opinion, Gao Chengyong usually treats people well, behaves politely, and works steadily.

In the process of his confession, Gao Chengyong can remember 11 cases clearly, even to that month of that year, several minutes and seconds.

He may have recalled these scenes countless times in the dead of night.

Until Gao Chengyong was arrested, his wife could not imagine that a man who had been sleeping by her pillow for 30 years would have such a dark side.

Because of darkness, it doesnt really exist because you pretend it doesnt exist.

As one Zhihu netizen said: there are many fears in life: there may be parasites in meat, pesticide residues in tomatoes and cucumbers, people cant see bones, and all the peace we see is appearance.

Only by acknowledging this can we become more cautious.


A common feature of the suspects in serial cases is their super conceit.

He confessed that after killing the 8-year-old girl, he suddenly felt thirsty.

Then he took the tea from the victims home, made a cup of tea, washed the scene after drinking, and left!

Xu Guoli in the interview, also unintentionally revealed a few conceit.

He said: with her (wife) intelligence, no one cant walk with her With her IQ, I dont think so.

The implication is that the wife to her, is a low IQ, very easy to control the person.

In addition to the case of the murder of his ex-wife and girlfriends daughter, some netizens suggested that all the difficult cases around Xu Guolis life should be investigated.

I personally think it is very necessary.

Xu Guoli certainly didnt expect that his well thought out plan would come to light in the dung water of 38 trucks.

I hope that this defeat for him can defeat the conceit for no reason and more people who think they are wise.

Dont underestimate todays detective technology, not to underestimate the polices determination to detect homicide cases!