Just 30: no matter what age, most women who can be happy will not do these five things

 Just 30: no matter what age, most women who can be happy will not do these five things

Of course, there are many women around me who dont regard their feelings as their only dependence. They have a natural attitude and seize the golden period of single life so that they can increase their value. Most of these women get the happiness they want in the end.

Because only in this way, you can have the courage to move forward, but also have the ability to stop loss, because only in this way, you will not be despised by anyone.

Dont be blind and arrogant

I always think that if a woman wants to be happy, she must be confident enough, but self-confidence is not conceited, not conceited or arrogant.

In just 30, Gu Jia comes into contact with a wife circle. These women have rich husbands and live a good life. They have their own hidden rules. For example, most of them look down on Gu Jia because her familys industry is too small.

In order to squeeze Gu Jia out of this circle, they designed to let Gu Jia lose money. Through this incident, Gu Jia thoroughly saw these women and formally broke with them.

Gu Jia walked into the club and said to them, Im willing to pay for my mistakes. People have to pay for every step they take. Ill pay mine. You will also pay your own in the future. I always feel that I have shortcuts and backers. This is called distorted values. Like me, I will be corrected one day. The difference is that I can leave when I have my own name. What about you? Living under the husbands family name, living in the husbands value radius, and having a sense of superiority together to show off and compare with each other, is really more beautiful and sad. My name is Gu Jia. Ill see you later.

Such a remark is particularly cool and impressive. We can also see from the expressions on the faces of these rich ladies that Gu Jias words hit their pain points. These women are blind and confident because their husbands are rich and feel superior to others. In fact, only they know the sadness behind them.

If a woman wants to live a good life, she still needs to rely on herself to make herself strong. Both internally and externally, just like Gu Jia, she has the courage to leave anyone and any circle, and she has the confidence to be able to do anything by her own strength.

Do not blindly self-confidence, arrogance, such you, will eventually because of conceit and fall, to that time, you lost the happiness should have, it is too late to regret.

Dont love to hold grudges, say cruel words, turn over old accounts

A good marriage is not a lifetime of no quarrel, but a lifetime of quarrel.

In my opinion, Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqins two husband and wife, in the face of a quarrel, have totally different ways of doing things.

However, as long as Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu quarrel, they both pick up unpleasant words to say, and they always talk about the problems between the two people before. As a result, the more they quarrel, the more fierce they become. Finally, they get divorced.

In my opinion, Gu Jia is the most sensible person in her relationship. Although Xu Huashan still fell out of the way later, I believe that Gu Jia just didnt meet the right person. She would still be happy after entering the next relationship, because she knew how to manage a good marriage. That is, she would not say hard words, turn over old accounts, and never hold grudges when quarreling.

To be honest, there is no win or loss in the relationship between husband and wife. Some people win for a while, but they lose their feelings. The gain is not worth the loss. Women, in particular, are more likely to be emotional, but you must know that a truly happy woman will not.

Dont pay too much for men, but forget yourself

However, many men around me say that if their wives control themselves in this way, they cant stand it.

Indeed, many times we are good for each other, but this kind of good is not necessarily what the other party wants. Just like Gu Jia did for Xu Huashan, he can not fully appreciate it. After all, he is an adult. When he has different opinions in his heart, a little provocation from others will make his feelings crack.

Therefore, some of Lin Yous appearance just hit Xu Huashans heart. I believe that with Gu Jias relationship with Xu Huashan and his personality, even if Lin youyou didnt, it would be sooner or later for him to cheat.

The failure of any relationship must not be one persons problem. Among Gu Jias and Xu Huashans emotional problems, Xus mistake is 99%. But I think Gu Jia also has one percent mistake, that is to think too much about Xu Huashan.

You must know that no matter how good a relationship is, it also needs space. If Gu Jia manages marriage like this, it will make men have a sense of resistance. On the contrary, if you want to be happy, you must be tight and appropriate.

Dont get too close to married men

In the latest episodes of just 30, when Liang Zhengxians real girlfriend comes to visit and slaps Manni angrily, I feel very distressed.

In this relationship, Manni is the victim. She has been very cautious. She inquired about Liang Zhengxians feelings and asked Gu Jia to help him check whether he was single. However, this man disguised himself so well that she was cheated and hurt.

But around us, there are many women who know that the other party is married, but they have to go to the man to tell them about their loneliness and spend their time, such as Lin youyou.

Although I havent seen the following plot, I believe that Lin will have a good ending, and I also saw that Manni refused Liang Zhengxians request of open partner.

I appreciate Mannis positive three outlooks. I also believe that she will have her best and happiest future, because for women, nothing is important.

If you want to be happy, dont get too close to married men, remember.

Dont be too sensitive and doubt each other for no reason

I once wrote an article that said that women should have the minimum vigilance in their feelings, and never be aware of it later. Only when they are hurt can they know how stupid they are. However, I do not want women to be Sherlock Holmes, because they are too sensitive, they will not be happy.

In my opinion, Gu Jia is the one who has a good grasp of this degree in just 30. Many people say that she is a green device. She can see that her husband has green tea at a glance. From Chen Ke, who had a good opinion of Xu Huashan in the company before, and Lin Youyou, who repeatedly showed his love to Xu Huashan, she could be sensitive to it.

Whats more, Gu Jias smartest thing is not to get angry at once, but to observe carefully and slowly grasp the evidence. I think this is what a mature and rational woman should do.

Compared with Gu Jia, Wang mani is a bit slow. When she is with Liang Zhengxian, he has many signs that this man is in trouble. However, Wang mani is not willing to wake up. When Gu Jia reminds her, she is still angry with Gu Jia.

I think that women must grasp the degree of vigilance, do not be a silly woman, do not be a suspicious woman. Keep sober and rational. If you find something wrong with a man, dont deceive yourself as an ostrich. Dont make trouble at will without any evidence. Slowly observe and master everything that should be mastered. At this time, you will be able to advance and retreat, attack and defend. Only in this way can you safeguard your rights and protect your own happiness.

Happiness is not difficult to say, but it is not simple to say. I think that no matter what age a woman is, the most important thing to do is to live a thorough and clear life, so that she can have the ability to give her own happiness, but also to have the confidence to stop loss in time.

Just like Gu Jia, Wang mani and Zhong Xiaoqin in just 30, although they all have their own problems in their feelings, they can clearly know what they want, and they can firmly grasp their own happiness.

Although I dont know how the plot will develop in the future, I believe that we can learn the secret of a womans happiness from these three women through the stories that have been broadcast.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.