30 just hit the screen: adult world, more heart piercing than the truth of cheating

 30 just hit the screen: adult world, more heart piercing than the truth of cheating

The age of 30 is a watershed in the adult world.

Every decision, I am cautious, afraid of a step wrong, more afraid of betraying the people around me. At the same time, we have more knowledge and understanding of family, feelings and the relationship between parents and children.

So, when the TV series 30 was on the air, I had a lot of feelings. Whats in the play is not our life.


Adult world: learn to accept lifes disappointments

Wang mani is capable and beautiful. She struggles alone in Shanghai and is urged by her family to go home to find a job.

Her promise is to wait until she is 30, either to buy a house in this city, or to find someone to marry here. If she doesnt have either, she will follow the arrangement of her family and go back to her hometown to live a down-to-earth life.

However, when she was 30 years old, she did not find a suitable partner or a house of her own. She did not get anything she wanted. She suddenly realized that it was the normal life to ask for but not to.

Gu Jia is the same. She has knowledge and culture. When she saw that Mrs. Wang, who didnt even know Monet and Van Gogh, even had her home decorated with Monets famous painting water lily, she felt that she should do the same.

Zhong Xiaoqin is the same. She hopes to improve the state of having nothing to say in her marriage and to give birth to children to make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate. In the end, she does not even keep the marriage.

At the age of 30, there are still too many disappointments in our life. We should learn to accept them.

In fact, its not just them in the play, but we are.

The offer you want may fall on someone else.

You try to get a foothold in the first tier cities, but the rise in wages cant keep pace with the rise in house prices.

The person you love may love someone else.

The eight bitterness of Buddhism is the first suffering.

When we were young, we always thought the world was ours and our life was smooth.

But later I realized that dissatisfaction is the normal life. Only by accepting the ups and downs of life, can we see the most beautiful scenery.


Adults world: some circles need not be forced

In a group photo, she was carrying Chanel worth 60000 on her back, and the wives next to her were all Hermes. Gu Jia quietly carried her bag behind her back, only to find that in the photos she sent out, she was mercilessly cut off.

Later, she patched up credit cards and bought a Hermes, which finally won her name in the ladies circle of friends.

Some people in Zhihu say that their annual salary is 70000, but their wives have to send their children to kindergartens with 50000 tuition fees a year. In this way, they have a lot of useful resources and contacts in their circle.

But she forgot that you want the resources and contacts of the other party. What can you provide for the other party?

Moreover, if the parties in this circle often cost tens of thousands of yuan, will you empty your family?

Whats more, if you barely finish the noble kindergarten, what about going to primary school, middle school and high school in the future?

You think that a kindergarten of 50 years old is a stepping stone to a better circle. In fact, it will only become a stumbling block to you in the end.

When we come to adults, we must understand that some circles can not be integrated, there is no need to strengthen integration, we do not need to use circles to prove ourselves, which will only increase our worries.

As for people, its enough to have three or five friends and a few friends who share the same aura. Regardless of the circle or not, I can live my own life well.


The adult world:

There are people who protect themselves, and there are people who want to protect

There are several scenes in the TV series thirty that make people cry.

There are also Gu Jia. There are people who protect themselves and those who want to protect. She always does things decently and comprehensively. But when she sees her son being bullied by others, she takes off her high-heeled shoes and her watch, and then she starts to tear them off.

At that moment, she was desperate for her son.

Stepping into the world of adults, we have both the old and the young. Behind us, there is a person who is always thinking about you, but in your heart, there is a person who you want to care about all the time.

Like this picture, the top of their own or other peoples children, but the bottom of their own, has become someone elses shelter.

Maybe this is motherly love.

During that period of operation, she was not in good health, but she took care of everything, cooking, soup and so on.

Sometimes after standing for a long time, she couldnt stand up straight. We advised her to have a rest. The next day, she continued to work like an iron fighter.

Is she really not tired? No, its just that she always remembers that shes a mother.

In fact, we are the same. When we are middle-aged, we will become the people protected by others, and we will gradually hold up a sky for others.


The adult world:

It is a false proposition to give consideration to both career and family

In order to take good care of her family and children, Gu Jia is willing to stay behind the scenes as a full-time wife. She will also be in a dilemma in the operation of the company and the mood of taking care of her husband.

Women who can balance family and career are not ordinary people, but close to the role of God. Family and career can hardly coexist.

If you want to take care of your family, you cant make any breakthrough in your career. If you want to make a better career, the family will be easily ignored.

Annie, the writer of why we cant have everything, uses her own experience to fight against injustice for women.

The biggest lie, she said, is that you can balance your career with your family.

The women who are successful in their careers and happy in their families are just putting their own burdens on others, sacrificing their partners, troubling their elderly parents, or using money to solve all these problems.

Therefore, it is a false proposition that a woman can balance her career and family by herself.


Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin have been married for three years, and their passion has changed from their initial passion to indifference.

Breakfast is to eat their own, clothes are washed separately, at home is also completely indifferent.

One can only communicate with his fish, the other only likes to play with cats.

There are Gu Jia and Xu Huashan. Gu Jia is almost omnipotent, but she also gradually loses her sense of control over marriage.

Xu Huashan is the envy of many men, up and down the kitchen wife, lovely son, his own company, but he is still not satisfied, choose to cheat.

Many of us always find excuses for ourselves when we are cheating, such as high pressure, drunk, strong wife, etc., but we forget that the basic bottom line of marriage and family is loyalty.

No one forced you to get married, no one forced you to sign the marriage contract, but since you have chosen this road, you should give the other party the most basic respect.

What is home? Home is our safe haven. It is a place where we can take off our guard and let our body and mind have a good rest?

What worries people most is not how tired and bitter they are, but how busy they are when they return home without a person who knows how cold and hot they are. Facing a person is like facing a block of air.

Adult world: learn to love yourself

There is a scene in only thirty that makes Netizens feel deeply.

But she was reluctant to spend money on herself. As a result, her husband entered the house with Xiao San and resolutely divorced her.

Xiaosan is a famous brand and well maintained, but she has become a yellow faced woman. Over the years, she and her husband have been struggling to think that her husband will be the support of her life, but she did not expect that in the end, she just made a wedding dress for others.

After her divorce, when she began to look at her heart and learn to take care of herself, she understood why a person should learn to love herself.

Yes, if a person does not love himself, who will love you?

Many women are willing to give their all, devote all their energy to their partners and families, and are humble to the dust

They bet on each others never changing heart.

But it is precisely such women, when marriage encounters betrayal, the blow is also fatal.

Since ancient times, peoples hearts are most difficult to measure. When I love you, I am serious, but when I leave you, I am also serious.

So ah, when we are 30 years old, why not love ourselves more and invest more energy in ourselves.

The relationship between people depends on mutual attraction rather than moral kidnapping. The deeper you kidnap, the more people want to leave.

When you send out a kind of elegant temperament because you often read books, when you maintain a good figure and appearance because you often keep fit, when you have a decent job because of mastering a skill, people will not leave you, and they will not be able to catch up with you.

Whats more, even if other people want to leave you, you already love yourself a little more, and youve met a better self. What else matters?

In the adult world, dont bet on others, but on yourself.

At the end:

After the age of 30, if you do something wrong, no one will take care of it. If you go wrong, you will lose the courage to start from scratch.

At the age of 30, he became worldly wise and sober, no longer had unrealistic fantasies, no longer left everything alone. Life seems to flow in a calm, everything in order to live.

At the age of 30, the surging dreams and yearning life in my heart are often piled in a place full of dust.

Sometimes I wonder, is this really the life I want? Where have my ambitions, the Starry Sea, gone?

But the reality will let us understand: for the vast majority of people, ordinary is the keynote of our life.

Theres nothing wrong with that.

Those dreams disappeared unconsciously, and the reality of this society has also been understood one by one, which is only known after the actual out of society. Nine out of ten people are unhappy in life! But, live happily with your family, always live with vigor, no matter what happens, there will always be someone around you to accompany you, such a life should be regarded as my dream.

After recognizing the truth of life, we still have to love life, never lose the motivation to live a good life, and it is also an ability to manage the plain life well.

After all, its only 30!