She is a gifted girl. She disguises herself as a man and enters the palace. She charms the crown prince, but she is humiliated by the public

 She is a gifted girl. She disguises herself as a man and enters the palace. She charms the crown prince, but she is humiliated by the public

Shes been in a mess all her life.

Always looking, always on the road.

She asked for nothing.

Until I met the crown prince that year.

Only then did she understand her needs and dreams.

Her name is nanel.

She was the sister of Mozart, the talented composer.

She has a talent far beyond Mozart. She has amazing talent, plays well and is good at composing music.

But her father and her time have killed her talent and her life.

Photo: Mozart brothers and sisters in childhood

Nanel always thought, if it had not been for the accident, she might not have been in pain.

Will be willing to be like a mother, married, playing piano, dark day and night.

But that encounter, so that she can no longer be gloomy.

In 1763, old Mozart, with nanel, Mozart and his wife, began his European performance tour.

They arrived in Paris on November 18, 1763 via Munich, Ludwigsburg, Schwarzenegger, Mainz, Frankfurt on the main and Brussels.

The king at that time was Louis XV.

Robin Davey also took him as the prototype and made a film named the mistress of Louis XV.

He is not only lecherous, but also incompetent.

In history, the famous when I die, which tube floods the sky, is what he said.

Thats what happened.

In order to appreciate the reception of the president, old Mozart asked 14-year-old nanel and 9-year-old Mozart to play music together.

Nanel never resisted his fathers orders.

They play the piano in the monastery. Nanel began to sing.

Three women appeared.

They were French princesses five, six and seven.

Louise, the seventh princess, appreciates nanels talent.

With the same age and knowing that the Mozart family was going to play in the palace, she took the initiative to find nanel and begged her to take a love letter to Versailles when she left.

She wrote the letter to her sweetheart.

Nanel agreed.

The Mozart family bid farewell to the monastery and set out for Versailles.

It was a court musician named Hugo turna.

Nanel will never forget the day she met.

As soon as she entered the room, she thrust the letter to the man she saw at first sight.

The man suddenly laughed.

After a few seconds, the man with the finger side is playing the piano man, said: it is him.

Nanel was so embarrassed that she turned and gave the letter to Hugo.

Hugo ran out to read the letter.

Later nanel learned that he was the crown prince, Louis Ferdinand, who had been canonized as the son of the prince of France..

That is, the first successor.

Louis XV had many children, but few survived.

The crown prince is the only surviving male reserve.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

Nanel said she could play the violin.

In front of the prince, she played a wonderful music.

The moment the note rings, the crown prince is fascinated.

Staring at nanel, who was playing the violin.

Also said that the C key is very difficult to sing, but sung well, as crystal clear and bright, has a kind of tear soul enjoyment.

Before he had finished, nanel began to sing.

The voice is soft and beautiful.

Every node is extremely accurate.

The crown prince stares at her like that.

I cant talk anymore.

Perhaps, can not find any words to describe the amazing in his eyes.

At that time, they did not know that this moment would be the beginning of their pain.

The crown prince loves music very much.

Unfortunately, his talent is not enough, his skills are not good, and he cant compose music, which is his only regret.

When nanel finished singing, the crown prince asked tentatively, can you help me compose music??

Nanel did not speak.

But her eyes have betrayed herself.

As soon as she got home, she went to see old Mozart, hoping that when her father taught his younger brother to compose music, she would also teach herself.

Nanel was not reconciled and begged his father.

Father didnt want to.

Photo: nanels father

She is stubborn.

In other words, when a woman meets the man she loves, she will burst out with strong willpower.

Later, when old Mozart gave his younger brother another lesson, nanel hid outside the door to listen, or hid in the cabinet to learn.

Learn a little, its a little bit.

She learned and created at the same time.

Before long, nanel sent a Book of music to the crown prince.

As soon as the crown prince got the treasure, he immediately played according to the music score.

The music, like the sounds of nature, surprised everyone present.

The next day, he asked nanel to come to his private apartment.

He also said that nanel would come to see the concert in the palace in a few days. It was a 10-year-old boy (old Mozart deliberately concealed Mozarts real age) and her sister came to the palace to play music.

When the crown prince said this, nanel knew that he could not conceal it.

She was ready to be punished.

But the crown prince listened to her story and did not give an order.

After changing into womens clothes, the princes eyes are all wrong.

Some feelings may have been planted for a long time, and they are all known at this time.

He felt his heart beat.

On the day of the official performance, nanel, in her long dress, sat at the piano and played.

Play and sing.

In the eyes of the crown prince, only nanel.

This uncontrollable smile, perhaps even he did not realize.

How can a civilian, a prince, have an end.

The more intense love, the more painful.

Separation is coming.

Im leaving that day.

But today, she doesnt want to go.

Unwilling to leave Paris.

Her father couldnt resist her and left with Mozart and his wife.

She just wanted to look at the man again.

Nanel knew that the only way to see him was to become a court composer.

The year 1762 was about to pass, and the new year was coming. Nanel taught children to play the piano to earn money, while she disguised herself as a man and went to the Conservatory of music.

Learn a little, go home and create something.

Day and night are reversed.

not to mind taking the trouble.

She doesnt care.

The only thing I care about is the man in the deep palace.

I do not know how many days later, nanel will give the latest creation to the crown prince.

But one morning, he told nanel to go to his private apartment.

Shell be surprised.

Nanels heart is happy, but the surface is still light.

More than ten years of vagabond have long made her a restrained and restrained lady.

But when the door opened, nanel was still stunned.

She saw that a complete orchestra was playing her piece.

Standing in the middle of the orchestra, the crown prince walked up to nanel with a smile and handed her a violin: your dream.

Nell took the violin.

The orchestra also followed her, the orchestra chimed and the music played.

It was a moment she had dreamed of for years.

The crown prince stood a meter away and looked at her.

Nanel can feel the admiration of the crown prince, even the heart.

She looked back and laughed.

But she would not have expected that something would be nipped out as soon as it sprouted.

Looking back, there is a woman standing beside the prince.

Dressed in pink and holding the crown princes hand.

But she immediately hushed up.

She is so humble that she is not qualified to dream such a dream. This is the best ending.

This time, she realized her music dream.

But at the same time, it also broke his love dream.

This picture, after nanel was 18 years old, has been hovering in her mind.

Later she learned that the crown prince had married Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony.

They are a political marriage.

Her love, not yet in full bloom, has withered.

When my father said that women cant play, now she does.

Women cant make music. Now, she does.

She went to the monastery to find the seven princesses, trying to discuss a way.

After hearing what happened to nanel, she said only one sentence: forget him.

Nanel cant do it.

We are all poor people.

It turned out that when nanel sent the letter to Hugo, the princess learned that Hugo was his half brother and one of the countless illegitimate sons of his father.

Her love is gone.

She broke away from the world and became a nun.

I never went back to the palace.

We can do nothing but get married, that is, nuns.

On the way back, nanel had been thinking about it.

She finally decided to leave France to find her parents.

Back to her parents, nanel was seriously ill and couldnt wake up for days and nights.

She had a bronchial obstruction. a close call.

Nanel was lying in bed, disillusioned.

The younger brother Mozart also imitates the fathers appearance, plays for the elder sister.

When the music rings, the past is empty.

Its like a dream.

Come in a hurry and go in a hurry.

She cant be crazy about love anymore.

Everything has come to a successful end here.

Before the old Mozart left France, he decided to go to Paris again.

The news was known to the crown prince.

He invited nanel to his private apartment.

Nanel is on the date.

In the palace, the crown prince voluntarily confessed that he had two mothers.

The other is called pombaldo, who is called Mrs. Poisson.

Under her arrangement, the king even asked a concubine to undress in public.

Debauchery and depravity.

Nanel listened, not knowing how to respond.

She looked at the prince in a daze.

Like every time before, I love him.

In this moment, the crown prince suddenly asked nanel to kiss himself.

Nanel did it.

There was no hesitation.

She kisses the crown prince on the forehead.

This time, nanel hesitated.

There were too many obstacles in the middle of them. She didnt know how to do it.

All of a sudden, the crown prince took nanels face and kissed her heavily.

A long time.

After kissing nanel, she lost all her reserve, dignity, restraint and helplessness

Maybe, if she doesnt leave, its good to stay in Paris.

Perhaps, the crown prince can give her a trace of gentleness

Many years later, when all the dust settled, Mozart accidentally mentioned to his friends that his sister was happier than ever when he toured Paris.

She did love.

But when she paid her heart, the crown prince suddenly changed. He pushed nanel aside and said: you are really sent by the devil. You want to frame me to degenerate and become promiscuous and wicked. Get out of here!

Nanel has no time to react.

The crown prince pushed her out like a prostitute.

He still did not get angry, and then threw nanels music score on the ground, and continued to roar: never come back, or I will tear you into pieces and fall into permanent torture!

Nanel picked up the score and left.

I didnt say a word.

No one knows what happened after she left the palace.

It was only that night that nanel threw all her music into the fire.

She sat by the fire in the dark, silent.

This big fire is burning, not music scores.

Its her heart.

And the last thought.

She abandoned all her dreams, desires, and choices. She was willing to be the woman behind her brother Mozart and devoted herself to her brothers creation.

He also followed his fathers arrangement and married a nobleman over 50 years old with five children who had been divorced twice.

Later, she heard intermittently in Salzburg that the crown prince still failed to inherit the throne. The second year after she left Paris, the prince died suddenly.

He died of tuberculosis.

His oldest prince, Louis Auguste, succeeded to the new king.

During that time, it has been said that when the crown prince was alive, he always taught his sons: you must learn to shed tears. A prince who does not shed tears will not become a good prince.

And nanels face was calm when she heard about the man again.

It doesnt matter if the world changes.

But ah, as long as the violin music rings, she will still remember the past.

The night before she left Paris, she secretly went to a monastery to say goodbye to the seventh princess.

The seventh princess said to her:

If we were boys, our fate would be very different.

You will replace your brother and I will replace my brother.

Whether you write music or I control the Kingdom, it will be brilliant.

Nanel listened and wept in silence.

They, in the end, have been hurt by the times.

In 1971, the genius Mozart died strangely.

Ten years later, her husband died.

Nanel became a human being.

She lived until the age of 78. She lost her brother, husband and parents. She was poor in her old age, blind and depressed.

She never wrote again.

I didnt love anyone.