What happened to the gun king, who had about 300 girls?

 What happened to the gun king, who had about 300 girls?

Ive read it over and over again. Its QJ crime. Thats right.

But the punishment of the school is only to stay in the school for observation?

This is the source of netizens anger.

I went to the courts verdict to see the extent of nuxxs sexual assault.

On February 22, 2019, nuxx took the victim to the rental house while she was drunk, forced to kiss the victim, and forced to touch the victims Yin Department, intending to have sexual relations with him.. The victim resisted and said he wanted to call the police. Nuxx stopped because he was afraid of calling the police.

This is a QJ attempt..

Because nuxx surrendered and pleaded guilty.

In this way, there is no problem in sentencing.

The problem is Zhejiang University.

I will show you the punishment of Zhejiang University.

Considering that nuxx is a first offender and has strongly repented As well as the situation that they come from poor ethnic areas and are graduates

But I am not blind, watching scum at large, the victim can only hide in the dark corner shouting.

I have to say, this society is really magic!

I dont know if nuxx has strong repentance.

All I know is that his life is very colorful.

Eat, drink and sprinkle dog food.

Singing and dancing, singing and laughing.

However, paper still cant cover the fire.

A classmate who knew him said: nuxxs academic record is very poor, his private life is quite chaotic, he often goes in and out of bars, likes to take pictures, and often makes an appointment with others.

After that, the information was also confirmed.

The total number of people ranked 128, he ranked 126.

But its no surprise that every school has its own dregs.

Even though hes scum to the end.

I knew he had a girlfriend before, but when he was playing games, he was still teasing girls.

How did you do it?

Here, put the melon.

The primary school girl was taken out, but she didnt follow her. As a result, she was slapped and her friends were still green...

More than 20 girls have been ruined, most of them primary school girls.

And the victims story.

Girls lose consciousness after drinking a little wine.

When I woke up, I was already in the hotel bed.

The girl said, if it wasnt because he was a place, maybe he would have succeeded.

Fortunately, he survived.

Heres the screenshot he said to a girl whos only known for two weeks.

Obviously, after the attempted sexual assault, I still want to continue the appointment,

So he said, I want to talk with you seriously, not for the purpose of dating..

Did you find out? He is very good at learning quotations.

There are also a lot of voices from the victims.

Me too.

Me too.

Seducing girls by any means, sexual harassment, threats, sexual assault.

Solid scum, OK?

Oh, yes, and poor areas.

Poverty is not the pronoun of crime. Such scum is not worthy.

Yesterday, Zhejiang University once again responded to this issue.

According to Article 17, paragraph 1, item 3, of the measures for handling students violation of discipline in Zhejiang University:

Those who have been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and have been suspended shall be given the punishment of detention in school or expulsion from school..

Well, this response is no response.

Tolerate scum, what about the victim?

How many people have been in charge of their lives?


In 2016, a cannon king of Wuhan University was on fire.

He came from Xuebas dormitory and was kept in school for postgraduate study.

Im on the right track.

Just then, he was exposed by his girlfriend.

His girlfriend sent a long article accusing him, a little fatal.

His girlfriend is the chat record he saw on his mobile phone.

Even if he was rejected, he continued to send photos.

I cant equate a high degree with this dirty behavior.

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 300 + people who asked for an appointment.

In fact, 40% of them are related.

Whats more, there is also a 14-year-old junior high school student!

Later, public opinion was boiling and he had to apologize. But there was no sincerity in his statement of apology.

Im sorry for my parents, brothers and friends who care about me.

What about the victims?

They dont deserve an apology?

At the time of the incident, cannon king had already graduated.

In his personal statement, he proposed the decision of abandoning the research guarantee.

There was no apology, no punishment. Only a lifetime of shadow.

I dare not think about it.

But do you think its over?

Later, the cannon King continued the appointment.

And life is beautiful.

Became an assistant to the vice president.

From his circle of friends, its been very enjoyable.

Repentance? It doesnt exist!

The lamb is crying.

Who can really see their suffering?


Do the villains reflect?

Do you feel guilty?

One lawyer said, no, the bad guys just think, why am I so unlucky, why am I caught? . Instead of why am I so bad? Dont do it again.

When these people do evil, they dont care about the target. Indulge in sex.

Even if its a teenage girl.

A 15-year-old girl in Hubei Province was in love with a senior student.

On December 29, 2018, she was taken to the hotel by the senior student.

Adults know what it means to go to a hotel.

But 15-year-old girls dont know.

She was sexually assaulted by her schoolmaster.

This night became the beginning of her nightmare.

The senior student sent out some details of the relationship, which eventually made it known to the whole school.

Rumors followed, and it was fatal for a 15-year-old.

She began to self mutilate, collapse, hit the wall.

Later, the girls mother found out something was wrong.

After repeated questioning, he found out about it and called the police.

He continued his studies.

Left a letter: I am tired, tired, pain, give up.

Whats more, after the girl committed suicide, the schools response was:

No one has ever heard of it.

The murderer also moved to another school and started his life again. He continued to be his favorite and Fengyun schoolmaster.

The bright future is waiting for him.

And the girls everything, so suddenly stopped.


There is no answer but to accept life.

Life as a victim!


Writing here, I am really desperate.

Some people may think that sexual assault is nothing, but life is still there.

I dont feel like standing up and talking.

How many people can really hear the cry of the victims?

Can you feel the sense of low value?

Can you feel the desire to cry without tears?

Can you understand stress trauma and severe depression?


Very few.

And scum and other public opinion, still live in the wind.

Crusade? They dont care at all.

Apology and repentance are just ways to get rid of the crime.

As long as the wind blows, we will continue to do evil.

But the victims are afraid of being humiliated and even more afraid of other peoples different eyes. So I kept silent.

Controllable litigation is often not accepted.

The end of life, scum may not be punished.

Its a decent but dirty ecosystem where everyone is involved.

However, everyone is silent, everyone is pretending to sleep.

The elephant has appeared in the room.

The Zhejiang University incident, the king of Wuda artillery and the 15-year-old girl were victimized... All of these victims are waiting for an explanation.

I hope everyone who read this article will give more support to the victims. Dont turn a blind eye to their voices.

Dont ignore their distress signal..

The wrong one is the killer.

Its an indifferent spectator.

And a society that gives the green light to the guilty.