The most difficult score in the college entrance examination in history: please hold the child who failed in the exam. They are here to repay their gratitude

 The most difficult score in the college entrance examination in history: please hold the child who failed in the exam. They are here to repay their gratitude

There is no lively classroom, can not ask teachers face-to-face, all rely on online class consciousness;

Without the comfortable climate in June, facing the hot and heavy rain in July, we ushered in the first big test of life.

Therefore, no matter whether you are a parent, an examinee or an outsider, please treat the number in a peaceful way.

Because college entrance examination is the most important examination in life, but it is not a lifetime battle.

Every seed has its own flowering period, and every child has its own rhythm of life.

Their young shoulders have carried the cold and summer for 12 years.

Every minute is accompanied by the morning glow and late night starlight, which is really not easy.

If the child does not do well in the exam, please remember to hold him tightly.

No one is less stressed than he is.

Please remember to protect the child who is more sad than himself. In the corner you cant see, he may have been deeply remorse and crying.

The most important thing is, the college entrance examination points, please learn not to disturb the happiness of others.

Perhaps your eyes are unsatisfactory, for others is the future can be expected.

Since then, only winter and summer, no spring and autumn.

The room you are familiar with will only be his hotel.

If you want to hold him and pat him on the shoulder, maybe its only in memory.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily


If your child does well in the exam, please hold him

A favorite university, a ticket to the city from the countryside, a permit to break away from the control of parents and travel far away from home. It is still a knife.

Yes, there is a heart piercing truth:

I think of myself when I was 18 years old. I finally got rid of my fathers fate through the college entrance examination and stayed in the provincial capital.

The year before last, my father broke out with kidney stones. He woke up in the middle of the night and rolled on the bed. However, his sister who stayed in the countryside was sent to the hospital all night, only to recover his life.

And I, the proudest son in his daily life, didnt know about it until my father left hospital.

In this world, all love is for the purpose of aggregation, only one kind of love is for separation.

How many parents spend their whole life training excellent children, but only to send them away.

On the eve of last years college entrance examination, a senior three class teacher in Lanzhou wrote a farewell message to parents

Dont complain that its tiring to accompany your child to do homework. After a few years, you look at the lamp that goes out in the childrens room. Its dark. Will miss that little figure of the back, sitting there, writing, touching the head, playing with the pen, calling mom to come Looking at the childs empty bedroom, I want to wake him up to school in the morning. But at this time, maybe he has left you thousands of miles away. The familiar bedroom has become his hotel. Its not that you made any evil in your last life that you will accompany him to study. Its the fate of your life that you will meet in this life.

Why do I say, if the child does well in the exam, please remember to hold him?

Because the college entrance examination is actually a time for parents and children to get along with each other day and night for the last time in this life. After that, they will spend the rest of their lives watching their backs drift away


If your child doesnt do well in the exam,

Please hold him tight

The son of my friend Lao Chang is also one of the more than 10 million examinees this year.

Unfortunately, the child is a well-known scum in our circle of friends.

Ask the teacher to open a small stove, offer a high price training class, formulate a strict learning schedule, and make all kinds of nutritious meals to order.

But if you cant hold the child, its like youre not enlightened. Its totally futile.

Old often sends a wry smile expression.

It turned out to be just an unexpected thing. I was just thinking about how to comfort this old friend when Lao Chang suddenly sent another voice:

Im thinking about it now. Im not a bad boy to repay his kindness.

After checking the score yesterday, he locked himself in his room all afternoon.

As a result, he called the students all afternoon, sometimes congratulating those who did well, and sometimes comforting those who did not.

The most frequently heard sentence is, you are just not lucky, you did not play well, its a big deal. In the second half of the year, well reread together. Well have a stable mind, and well have no problem next year.

Lao Changs son is the labor committee member of the class. According to him, the children are already contacting the students who are on the list, preparing to move their review notes home from door to door, and then distribute them to the students who have made an appointment to reread together after school starts.

Lets go to a restaurant for dinner. The child is first in the door. He always remembers to hold on to the door handle and wont fan the people behind him.

Such a child may have no ambition, but he never complains, is practical and willing to work, can bear hardships, is kind-hearted and considerate for others, has a peaceful mind, can accept any kind of result, and still need to worry about the future?

Every parent wants their children to make a success, but unfortunately, 90% of the worlds people will eventually fall into the ordinary.

People in this life, in the final analysis, should learn to reconcile with their own ordinary.

I think Lao Changs son may not become a great entrepreneur or scientist when he grows up, but he will certainly become a good husband and father.

She did not do well in her grades and had no remarkable deeds in her life. However, she managed her small family well, and took good care of her parents in her hometown.

After a hundred years of life, there will be a lot of loess in the end.

In terms of the happiness of this world and the perfection of life, I am far inferior to her.

When a hero passes by, someone has to sit on the side of the road and clap.

If a child doesnt want to be a hero, its good to be the one sitting on the side of the road clapping.

Why do I say, if the child does not do well in the exam, please hold him tightly?

Because the child who does not do well in the exam may be the child who will stay with you, and they may not be to repay the kindness.


Please dont disturb the happiness of others

There is an old story that is always mentioned at this time of year.

Maybe youve seen it, but Id like to say it again.

A boy was admitted to the University, although the school is very ordinary, but the whole family still feel very satisfied and happy.

The father said to his son:

Son, youre better than Mom and dad. I only went to the third grade of primary school. Your mother just graduated from primary school. You are the number one scholar in our family.

The son shyly smile, smile very sweet, also very comfortable.

On the first day of school, the whole family took their son to the station.

While waiting for the bus, suddenly someone patted his father on the shoulder.

As soon as he saw it, he was an acquaintance, and he also came to send his children to university.

As soon as he said the name of the school, an exaggerated and surprised look appeared on his face.

What kind of university did your son go to? I havent heard of it. Its not a bachelors degree. Now college students cant find a job after graduation. Its the same as not studying and going out to work.

You see, my son, 211, after graduation, peoples units are scrambling to get a salary of at least 8000.

The acquaintance turned away, and he would not see that in the eyes of the family, the original brilliant starlight was dim, but the happy and sweet atmosphere disappeared.

Dont disturb other peoples happiness, because not disturbing is a kind of kindness, because happiness is also a kind of privacy.

I have always been impressed by a paragraph:

Ive seen people with tattoos giving up their seats on the bus. Ive also seen peoples teachers shake their seats in pubs more than anyone else. Some people use knives to cut people down for survival, and some uniformed bullies bully the weak. Ive seen migrant workers building buildings with frozen hands, and KTV girls are being drunk by the boss, but their money is all sent to their parents. We live in a different world. You live in a big luxury ship. You have everything on board. You can drink wine for a lifetime. There are many people who are as lucky as you. And I grabbed a piece of driftwood and tried to float. The waves came in waves, and I couldnt hide. I was in danger of drowning at any time. I was also worried about whether there were sharks passing by. You also asked me: why not take the time to see the beautiful scenery of the sea?

What you see in the world is just the tip of the iceberg. It is also a kind of cultivation not to comment at will.

Because whenever you want to criticize anyone, please remember that not everyone in the world has your advantages.

I hope this article can help more parents understand the significance of college entrance examination.