Ouyang Nana and her best friend get together

 Ouyang Nana and her best friend get together

In the program of sunny sisters, Ouyang Nana is far away from her busy daily work. She invites her sister Ouyang didi and Xuebas best friend xiaoxiaoxiao to stay in the sunshine cottage. She takes the group name Qingqing Huguo to start a two-day and one night trip to her best friend.

The three sisters, who rarely get together, laugh and make constant, sweet and warm. Ouyang Nanas baby, 16-year-old Ouyang didi huobo is cute and versatile. She is the eldest child in the eyes of her sisters. Not only did she prepare all kinds of wigs and disguises for the sisters, but also showed her dancing posture in the dance game. For the first time, she tried to cut melons and warm her heart to all the staff. Even Xiaobai, the chef, also prepared a rich breakfast for the sisters.

Xueba Xiaoxiao, who participated in the reality show for the first time, has a wonderful acquaintance with Ouyang Nana. In the eyes of the sisters, she has the reversal charm of sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes cold. In the program, Xiaoxiao and Nana incarnate as the parent group constantly, cues eldest is always laughing, trying to make her long hair look funny and cute, and sing Nanas new songs with her unique voice of tobacco and wine.

Ouyang Nana, who is with her close sisters, is also really relaxed. Her cross dressing short hair is sweet and amazing. She challenges the lovely full score of baby shark. She is not only the chef who can make a nutritious dinner, but also a warm-hearted sister. She has always supported her sister to try various interests. At the same time, do not forget the love of music, invite sisters to play songs for their new songs, hi sing the annual hot songs mojito and like you.

As the sisters relay painting Qiao Dina love forever, the three sisters know each other and cherish each others full of understanding and love. As Ouyang Nana said, sisters do not need to maintain feelings. When you need to, you all know that person is there.

The warm friendship of the sisters has a strong sense of healing. As Jiangsu Satellite TV sunny sisters Tao conveys, the warm and beautiful friendship of contemporary women and the emotional healing power of positive energy. It is understood that the next issue of sunny sisters will be broadcast on July 30, and it will also be the closing work of the first season of sunny sisters Tao. Chen Qiaoen, a versatile actor, will invite her close relatives and friends to record her exclusive friends 24-hour summer trip.

The wandering lineup, the real sisters, the beautiful healing power of friendship, and the emotional values of positive energy. How wonderful will Jiangsu Satellite TV sunny sisters Tao bring? Lets look forward to it!