Banxia misty rain, Banxia wind, half a life wandering in the dream

 Banxia misty rain, Banxia wind, half a life wandering in the dream

A month later, he will have a secure job there. He may get married and have children. Then he will become the head of the family step by step. When he is middle-aged, he will grind away all the edges and corners and finally learn to compromise with the world.

Think of Liu Yongs words: the past few years, should be a good time, good scenery. Even if there are thousands of amorous feelings, with whom?

In any case, parting is a sad thing.

Thank you, soldier brother. Im very happy to meet you.

In July, the sky turned white, but the years turned yellow. The past, like the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, was so foggy that it was hard to see and touch.

It is difficult not to think of their own, the young goose yellow duck green, youths wanton, now, have become the daily necessities of life.

In the end, we should learn to grow up.

She said, where life does not meet, regardless of the wind and rain people return.

What we can do is to cherish the morning dew, the evening drum and the evening bell, let life become indifferent, fade the flashiness, and find each other who can truly treat each other.

Then, in the corner of the city, brick by brick to build their own home.


It seems that all memories are related to summer, so every time I think of it, my heart is wet, with the fragrance of dust after rain, and a little cool.

Probably, we are all weak people, need to have another persons care, can accompany day and night, never give up.

But love is rare, people are more rare, there are too many trivial life, will let two people have misunderstanding, lose confidence.

I dont know, have you ever had such an embarrassment, that is, you want to be nice to someone, but you always have no way to do it.

When there is no love, we look forward to it. Have, but also afraid of separation, worry about gain and loss.

At a certain moment, we all think that in the feelings, as long as we pay the heart.

Heart and mind, all want to embrace the truth. In the impetuous world, it seems that only when you put love into your pocket and cover it in your heart, you can feel that it is your own.

I am her, too.


Time, always passes very fast, every day every second, inadvertently looking back, is already standing year.

The reality does not give too much room for aftertaste, turn around and bump into the living reality.

Therefore, hard work, hard to deal with customers, strive to survive in a certain city, has become the theme of life.

Theres nothing wrong with this, its just caught off guard, coming and going like the wind.

Some people say that people who love to dream will not be old because they have expectations in their hearts. But I always feel that when I learned to be sophisticated and handle interpersonal relationships properly, I was old.

Just, those are not what they want, will be very tired?


I know, life is hard. I knew it for a long time.

But I didnt think that one day, I would embarrass myself. In the face of some things, I would fall in love with each other, and constantly hint that I would lower my head and everything would be over.

So for a period of time, I was blind to myself, in the dream, dreaming of myself.

But I hope that in the days to come, someone will come with me to look at this hasty world, rely on each other, trust each other, care for each other, and take every day of life seriously.

We will no longer be happy with things, will not be sad for ourselves, we began to become open-minded, no longer utilitarian, because, we must learn to be gentle.

Every day, to hold you in my arms is the happiness I am looking for.

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