Jinxiu South Song: how many people, like Prince Jin, have a relative who only cares about people

 Jinxiu South Song: how many people, like Prince Jin, have a relative who only cares about people

Wang Zijins mother is no longer there. She had two brothers. It seems that they were lost in the war, leaving her and her father to depend on each other.

The kings father seems idle and kind-hearted, but his nature may not be as simple as his appearance.

As for his daughters marriage, he meant to marry King jingling, the son of the imperial concubine. Although King jingling was not bad, Prince Jins heart belonged to something else, and his personality was particularly stubborn and straightforward.

In order not to leave a good impression on the princess, she deliberately drinks face-to-face and pretends to be drunk and crazy. Princess did not have a good impression on her, but her father still did not agree with her to marry someone he liked.

This reason may not be enough. In fact, he should have other dissatisfaction with the Shen family, or even hatred. In fact, general Shen and his wife, their two sons, are excellent people.

The general was sensible, gentle, kind and dignified. The lady is gentle, beautiful and kind, which makes people like it very much. Shen Zhi, the eldest son, is a good-looking and honest man, while his younger son, Gu Ling, is also excellent.

According to reason, there is nothing bad about Prince Jins marriage in the past. It is almost certain that he will be happy in the past. Unfortunately, my father refused, and he refused to propose marriage.

Wang Zijin is still under house arrest. He can only meet Shen Zhi secretly through the crack of the door.

The father sighed and said, daughter, why dont you understand my fathers pains?

The prince Jin, who had lost his patience, began to be disappointed with his father and answered him coldly: you always care about my people, and dont care about my heart.

This sentence can be regarded as the state and crux of many emotional relationships. Those who control the behavior of people around them in the name of Im for you are really everywhere.

When the parents are not satisfied with the object chosen by their children and firmly disagree, they oppose it under the banner of for your own good. Not only verbal opposition, but also action against, at the expense of splitting the childrens love.

Of course, in some cases, when children are young, they cant see the good or bad character of the object. If the parents break up a little bit, its OK. In the future, when the children are more mature, they will understand, appreciate and understand their parents good intentions.

But similar Prince Jin father this kind of attitude, is prejudice, is intentional, is unreasonable, is selfish desire. It has nothing to do with whether you love your daughter or not. What you consider is your reputation and interests.

Like Wang Zijin, such a sensible son and daughter, will naturally see his fathers real intention. When he does not go too far, he thinks that he should stick to it more, persuade his father more, and that he can be persuaded and moved by more coquetry.

Let the person you like more efforts, in front of his father more performance, more strive, can let him accept. Unfortunately, what she saw was only her fathers unreasonable insistence, which was almost a tough and compulsory opposition.

Because he only cares about whether he is alive or not. This life only includes food and clothing, but whether she is really happy or not, no matter what she wants.

A person doesnt care about the feelings of his relatives at all. He just takes care of them in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation, just like feeding a pet. In addition, if they oppose themselves, they should resolutely crack down on them.

Even thought: Im so dedicated to you, why do you apologize to me? Why dont you appreciate me?

They also feel aggrieved, the reason is that they do not care whether others are happy or not, only according to their own preferences, their own way to be good to people.

Or is it only knowing how to be good to people in material and action, but not understanding and understanding the heart of others is the key.

If you only care about that persons person and dont care about his mood, then your good will be hard to please.

Because what a person wants, wishes, likes and likes is the key point. How can we talk about good and love if we dont give in to what they like, do not comply with their wishes, or let each others hearts warm?

On the contrary, in attitude, spirit, psychological care, understanding and help the people you love, they will be truly happy, will feel really loved.