Some bold conjectures about Coolpads ar glasses

 Some bold conjectures about Coolpads ar glasses

Apple is also stepping up cooperation between industries. Recently, it was learned that apple is cooperating with Foxconns parent company to develop translucent lenses, and has entered the trial production stage.

From the various layouts of international technology giants, we can see that AR glasses industry is still a hot field of concern for technology enterprises, investment circles and industry circles.

In contrast, the growth of Chinas ar glasses industry mainly benefits from the accelerated development of national policies, financial support and the continuous improvement of the industrial chain. According to the prediction of PWC, VR / AR will bring 183.3 billion US dollars to Chinas GDP by 2030, and AR will provide the largest contribution to 129.5 billion US dollars. Perhaps Coolpad is precisely this advantageous market opportunity, also joined the AR glasses research and development team.

Although the market is developing well, AR glasses are still facing a series of difficulties and challenges. As a giant technology manufacturer, the first show of AR glasses is particularly important for Coolpad at this stage. Therefore, the company will definitely increase its R & D efforts at the technical level, and will be confident to release big moves when the functions and experience meet the standards. Boldly guess that cool style ar glasses may have the following characteristics.

1. Advanced layout carrying 5g technology?

2. Breakthrough in screen display technology?

Optical display technology is the core of AR equipment. At present, the mainstream ar products in the market are mainly divided into prism, curved mirror, free-form surface, semi reflective and semi transparent surface, and optical waveguide. Among them, optical waveguide is regarded as the best scheme of virtual display. Because the AR glasses with this scheme are thinner, larger field of view and better display effect, they also have certain advantages in transparency and volume, but the biggest problem is that it is difficult to mass produce. Coolpad is headquartered in Shenzhen, where the industrial chain is centralized and complete, and has obvious advantages in talent, technology and professional division of labor, manufacturing and other aspects. It is possible to develop such technology and realize mass production for Coolpad.

3. Will power consumption, heat dissipation and endurance be improved?

As we all know, the main application fields of AR glasses in B end include industrial, medical, security and other professional fields, and the endurance ability becomes one of the important factors for users to measure the value of a product. In the era when battery technology has not made a breakthrough for a long time, endurance and experience is a contradiction, which needs to be balanced and compromised. Coolpad has been continuously improving its innovative application in vertical industries for many years. This ar glasses is necessary for all key industries. Therefore, in order to ensure a good user experience, a lot of energy will be put into the endurance capability.

4. Can the weight problem be solved?

The current ar glasses look light and heavy to wear, which makes users feel tired easily. In fact, weight and endurance complement each other. In the case of no improvement in battery technology, the only way to extend the battery life is to increase the battery volume. Therefore, Coolpads ar glasses will not have a significant breakthrough in weight if they are to ensure the endurance.

5. Capture the users heart through friendly design?

At present, the mainstream design of AR hardware is mainly split and integrated equipment. The market is more split type ar glasses. The advantage of this form is that the hardware base of smart phones is relatively large, and users can purchase ar glasses with mobile phones at a relatively low price, so as to get a better experience with a relatively low threshold. But in fact, the split design of AR glasses still has room for improvement, such as whether the style can be closer to ordinary glasses, whether it is more convenient to carry out, and whether the design is more avant-garde and fashionable. In order to successfully enter the market, Coolpad is expected to win the favor of consumers in the design and use of these soft ar glasses.

6. Price advantage?

The price of the existing ar glasses is generally high, even more than 10000, which is not very friendly to consumers. With the development of AR glasses technology, more and more ar glasses with higher cost performance and more practical applications are coming out one after another. On the premise of no special breakthrough in the current technology, this ar glasses of Coolpad should be cost-effective in price.

In recent years, with the support of 5g and cloud computing and other related technologies, AR industry has become the most anticipated application scenario, and will soon enter the market scale of nearly 100 billion yuan. Perhaps the overall technology and market education level of AR glasses need to be improved, but the preliminary market exploration has been completed, and more in-depth and extensive research and investment are needed in b-end and C-end.

As the leading manufacturers at home and abroad have deployed the AR field, many start-ups and technology enterprises will also be driven, driving the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to form a larger ecological environment. It will further promote the development of AR in China.

These conjectures will be revealed at the press conference. Coolpad will attract the attention of manufacturers and partners in the whole ar industry tomorrow. May this step of Coolpad be steady and good.