Easy gas station: working is actually an equivalent exchange with the boss

 Easy gas station: working is actually an equivalent exchange with the boss

When I got up in the morning, I couldnt find a sock. I went out in a hurry. I saw the subway was about to open in the distance. I took a lunge. The socks in the pants legs flew out like concealed weapons and hit the people at the door. Then the socks got on the bus and I didnt go up. The womans expression of panic and confusion is still unforgettable.

When I arrived in a city on business, the local driver who arranged to pick me up called me and asked me where I was? I said, I just came out of the arrival hall. Which one is you? He said, wave in the opposite parking lot. Which one? I only saw a bald man waving. That bald man is me...

Good is rewarded with good, evil with evil. Its not that we dont report it. We have to issue an invoice!

Most people are stupid. Dont you believe it? The next time you see a group of people, you yell Hey, silly X. You can see how many people look back at you.

Todays unit to the new, is a very good girl, smile with a shallow dimple. Ive been out of my mind all morning, always peeping at her. At noon, after more than two hours of meditation, she plucked up the courage to come to the girl and stammered to her: beauty, beauty, old Old The boss asked me to add your wechat, so that you can join the working group. The beauty showed a smile: pretty boy, the boss told me before I came that he wanted to stay away from you...

I decided to break up with my girlfriend because I couldnt stand cheating in my feelings. She knew I was cheating, but she kept it from me.

Make complaints

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