Countdown 100 days! The new image film of the third ICIF is coming

 Countdown 100 days! The new image film of the third ICIF is coming

Its energy

Burst into new splendor

The cloud summit of the world artificial intelligence conference was successfully held, and the reopening Shanghai International Film Festival attracted wide attention. The May 5 Shopping Festival and 66 night life festival promote consumption. The streets and alleys of Shanghai are full of vitality and exciting. The delivery of ARJ21 new regional airliner was accelerated, and the Shanghai Suzhou Nantong railway was completed and opened to traffic. Shanghai focused on key areas and promoted the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. With high-quality business environment and refined urban management, Shanghai continues to attract global investment. Shanghais economy has regained its momentum, showing a good growth trend.

World Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Shanghai International Film Festival


Its excellence

Create new expectations

Shanghai will accelerate the promotion of online new economy, develop a new generation of information network, expand 5g applications, promote new energy vehicles, and stimulate new growth points. In the information age, new infrastructure will enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation, and help Shanghai to become an outstanding international metropolis.

Automobile production line

Its the future

Sharing unlimited possibilities

The Oriental Pearl

Shanghai Disneyland Park

Anyi night Lane