Hong Kongs newly diagnosed cases hit a new one-day high

 Hong Kongs newly diagnosed cases hit a new one-day high

Zhang Jianzong (third from left) picture source: Hong Kongs orange news

Zhang Jianzong said that Hong Kong has the support of the state, and the chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, has also asked the central government for assistance in strengthening the testing capacity. At the same time, she also hopes that the central government will assist in the establishment of shelter hospitals in the ADB and that if the mainland successfully develops vaccines, it can provide Hong Kong, but medical staff is not one of the issues.

As for the foot ban order, it is reported that Zhang Jianzong believes that the implementation of the foot ban order or home order is quite severe measures. In terms of the actual environment of Hong Kong, it must be very careful to implement it, and it is not allowed to put forward it rashly.

Zhang Jianzong said that many people in Hong Kong do not cook for various reasons. If they have to stop work or even have no takeout service, many people will have difficulties in their lives and bring great inconvenience. The measures taken by the government are just as follows: on the one hand, the canteen food is prohibited; on the other hand, the restaurant service should be continued.

As for financial assistance to the affected enterprises, Zhang Jianzong said that he would pay close attention to the seriously damaged industries, assess the overall situation first, and also consider the economic capacity. There are emergency expenses in the anti epidemic fund, but not too much.

In addition, as for Lin Zheng Yuees failure to attend the press conference, Zhang Jianzong said that everyone is a team, and the fight against the epidemic is a team. If there is no one, it does not mean that they do not pay attention to it. We are all united in fighting the epidemic.

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145 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Hongkong, a new high since the outbreak of the outbreak

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was added to novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hongkong as of 27 0:00, 27 days after the introduction of the Hongkong health and Protection Center, the health protection center of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, which included a total of 142 cases of local infection and 3 cases of imported cases. 2778 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in Hongkong.

For the sixth consecutive day, more than 100 new confirmed cases have been reported in Hong Kong. Zhang Zhujun, director of the infectious diseases department of the health protection center of the Department of health of the Special Administrative Region government, said that among the new local infection cases on the same day, 59 cases could not be found at present, and 83 cases were related to the previous related infection groups, most of which were infected by family or friends gathering. In addition, more than 60 newly diagnosed cases were added on the 27th.

Zhang Zhujun said that at present, the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, involving all walks of life and different workplaces, as well as restaurant staff. The SAR Government may not be able to know the confirmed cases in the first place. It is hoped that if the employers know that some employees feel unwell, they can cut off the transmission chain, clean and disinfect the places where the confirmed employees have contacted, stop the service if possible, and arrange other employees to work at home.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and 1 suspected patients were discharged from Hongkong at 12 noon, 27 people died. At present, 1016 confirmed patients were hospitalized in 15 hospitals in Hongkong, as of the time of 12 noon at the hospital authority, He Wanxia, and 39 of them were in danger and 27 in serious condition. The 1486 cases of the new crown pneumonia confirmed that the patients were discharged from hospital in Hongkong. The utilization rate of negative pressure beds in Hong Kong is about 79%, and that of negative pressure wards is about 83%. (end)

Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council: the central government will provide all necessary support to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Hongkong recently was highly concerned by the central government. The spokesman expressed concern about the health and safety of Hongkong residents. It will provide all necessary support for the Hongkong Special Administrative Region to fight against the epidemic situation. 27, the spokesman of the State Council Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office said on the afternoon.

The spokesman pointed out that after a new round of outbreak in early July, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region quickly and decisively adopted a series of strict measures to prevent and combat the epidemic, which reflected the peoples supremacy and the courage to act. However, due to the rapid spread of the epidemic, Hong Kongs nucleic acid detection capacity, medical system and quarantine facilities have been unable to meet the needs. People from all walks of life in Hong Kong have expressed their hope that the central government will provide assistance to Hong Kong. The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has also made a request to the central government. The central government is highly concerned about the life safety and health of Hong Kong compatriots, the change of epidemic situation and prevention and control work in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, continues to give full support to the government of the Special Administrative Region in its anti epidemic work, and will provide all necessary support and assistance at the request of the government of the Special Administrative Region, especially to improve the ability of nucleic acid detection in the Special Administrative Region and speed up the construction of temporary quarantine facilities To assist the SAR to control the epidemic as soon as possible.

Scientific prevention and control, precise implementation of policies, as soon as possible to stop the spread of the epidemic is the overwhelming task of Hong Kong. It is hoped that all sectors of the community in Hong Kong will make concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties, concentrate on the prevention and control of the epidemic, and restore normal social and economic order as soon as possible. We believe that with the strong support of the Central Committee and the selfless help of the mainland of China, Hong Kong will once again achieve a comprehensive victory in the fight against the epidemic.

Hong Kong Scholars search for multiple transmission chains, and the source of this round of epidemic is likely to be imported from abroad

According to Hong Kong media reports, Xiao Jieheng, associate professor of the Department of medical technology and information science of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said in a radio program today (27) that his research team sequenced the confirmed cases in Hong Kong recently and found that the genetic mutation characteristics of local confirmed cases were similar to those of European imported cases. It is believed that the source of the new wave of epidemic is likely to be imported from abroad.

In addition, PolyU of Hong Kong randomly selected samples of 26 patients with this epidemic. It was found that all the viruses of the patients had d614g gene mutation. This type of virus was found in many recent large-scale collective infection events. Similar gene mutation was also found in the patients who were diagnosed with exemption from high-risk areas earlier. Therefore, it is believed that the third wave of epidemic situation is likely to come from the exemption from inspection People with epidemic diseases.

The team of PolyU Hong Kong obtained 26 samples of local patients and 6 samples of imported cases of the third wave of epidemic, and found that all of them belonged to Grk, i.e. d614g variant. Siu believes that the virus strain originated in Europe and first appeared in Hong Kong in early March, when the patient was a Cathay Pacific flight attendant returning from Madrid, but it did not spread to the community at that time.

Among the 26 local samples, 19 strains were identical and distributed in different areas, including Binji group, taxi driver, Tai Tai elderly care center in Ciyun mountain, Shuiquan Ao village in Shatin, Fulin birthday party group in Tuen Mun, etc. Their strains are very close to imported cases from the Philippines and Pakistan, which he estimates are the source of the local mainstream outbreak. However, the team has not been able to match the virus strains of the imported cases successfully. It is a fault problem that the local cases with the same virus strains as the imported cases have not been solved.

The second transmission chain comes from Kazakh crew members, who are exempted from quarantine inspection. Case 1326, a 42 year old male crew member returning from Kazakhstan, had the same virus strain as the 31 year old man living in Leighton hill, Causeway Bay, in case 1326. According to the centre for health protection (CHP), case 1326 was living in Crowne Plaza Causeway Bay near the residence of case 1319. He believed that a number of crew members had successively been accommodated in the hotel and confirmed that they were related to the diagnosis of case 1319.

As for the third transmission chain involving the 1558 case, the patients living in the village of Acacia Bay, Sai Kung, the virus strains are slightly different from the above cases, but the team has not matched the imported cases with similar virus strains.

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