Donadoni: if the team is cohesive enough to unite, it means more individuals

 Donadoni: if the team is cohesive enough to unite, it means more individuals

Relevant leaders of Shenzhen municipal government have defined this year as the most important year in the history of Shenzhen football. The first 3-0 victory over Fuli gave Shenzhen a good start and opened the special year with a relaxed and confident attitude.

The first thing Shenzhen team showed was the change of their temperament. Compared with Fuli, the body language of Shenzhen team is more open. Even young people like Dai Weijun, Xu Haofeng and Zhang Yuan have stronger impact and aggressiveness. Donadoni first praised several young people after the game: a good start, but we have to keep a low profile, we havent got anything. But dont forget that we have two U21 players and one U23 player in this game, which is a positive signal and an achievement

Shenzhen team in both offensive and defensive sides are tough, and the integrity is much stronger than last year, so Fuli is not very adapted. Its very important for the coach to follow the tactics and follow the tactics, he said. When the opponent holds the ball, our forwards Gao Lin and Placido can be the first line of defense, which is very positive for us. In order to carry out this tactic, it has been prepared for as long as six months. We cant live as individuals, we have to be a team, whether its with or without the ball

After Gao Lin scored the goal, the team-mates gathered together to celebrate the picture, let people feel that the recent patchwork of the new team is very united. There has been no league for a long time, and the team has been together for a longer time, which helps us understand. If the team is cohesive enough to unite, the team is equal to one more person Donadoni said. Such a victory has a positive effect on the cohesion of the team.

Will the level shown in this game be the normal of Shenzhen football in the new season? Really changed a group of players, Donadonis coaching effect is not the same? Should be. The idea of technique and tactics can be transmitted to any player, but it is true that players may have different understanding and execution ability to it. Donadoni said.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily editor: Xu Song_ NS1943