Guangdong Media: Evergrande team is still strong and the most powerful contender for the championship

 Guangdong Media: Evergrande team is still strong and the most powerful contender for the championship

In the past nine CSL seasons, Evergrande and Shenhua have played 18 times, 14 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, and cuts melons and vegetables. Now the figures are slightly adjusted to 15 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. If you include the Super Cup in early 2017, it is 16 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss.

The match between the big and the powerful should not be this ratio. Maybe to some extent, at least in terms of competitive temperament, Shenhua can not be regarded as a big family, it can only be regarded as having spent a long time in Shanghai beach. Why is Evergrande so successful? Why is Shenhua so afraid of Evergrande? But when it comes to the first game, the reason is not hard to find, it can be understood, and even can be predicted.

Shenhua defense line is lack of three absolute main force, center back Feng Xiaoting, goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, left back Bai Jiajun are not here, Cui Kangxi can only let the back waist Qin Sheng play the center back, young general Wen Jiabao plays the left back. On the right is Zhao Mingjian, who is stronger in attacking than defending. The match didnt start. As soon as the starting list came out, we knew that Shenhua defense line had just lost a few problems.

Wei Shihaos first goal was brilliant, and the frequency of his feet beat Shenhua defense line. However, before Wei Shihao got the ball, paolinios interception, propulsion and distribution of the ball, though not gorgeous, should not be ignored. It was a super MVP performance in a few seconds. Shenhua array does not have this level of offensive and defensive players. Paolinio has only recovered by 56% or so?

In addition to the uneven defense line of Shenhua, foreign aid is inferior to Evergrande. However, is the training quality of Shenhua far inferior to Evergrande? The core of Moreno due to late return to the team in general, but also on the bench, Morenos ball feeling is not as late as taliska. Compared with paolinio, Shenhua front on the double foreign aid jinxinyu and shalavi obviously insufficient preparation, this has no excuse.

Like Jin Xinyu, akeson also made an empty goal, but his header fight for the top ferry directly created opportunities and space for Yang Liyu to assist Wei Shihao. After his bodys agility degenerated, he still showed the role of a center forward.

It can be said that it is normal for Shenhua to lose this game. After all, the lineup has changed greatly and is affected by various objective factors. It is acceptable for Evergrande to lose. When Shenhua loses to Evergrande, it means to remind the team at the beginning of the match: you see, we still have to fight hard, and we cant neglect at all times, so as to fight our way in the river and lake.

Accordingly, it can be said that Evergrande is always abnormal. No matter what the situation is, a team can continue to maintain its championship level, which is abnormal. This is exactly what Evergrande team deserves to be respected. This game only deepened ones judgment: Evergrandes class is still uniform and strong, the younger generation has taken over the old generations class and is full of vigour, and the overall sense of the team is still on the way up, which is the most powerful contender for the championship in 2020.

On the basis of a good team structure and good peripheral work, the advantages will be greater. The so-called peripheral work, for example: in the first stage, there are at least four matches in the 14 matches, and the important players of the opponent cant play: in the two rounds against Shenhua, Feng Xiaoting, the leader of the defense line of the other side, and Zeng Cheng, the main goalkeeper; in the two rounds against Shenzhen, the opponents captain Gao Lin cant play. In the second stage, if you encounter Beijing Guoan, Alan, the other partys strongest internal aid, cannot go on.

In fact, the average level of foreign aid of Evergrande this year is not as good as that of national security and Hong Kong strength. Neither Exxon, Fernando and Luoyang Guofu can expect too much. But its all theoretical. As a matter of fact, last year, Evergrande won 13 consecutive victories in a long battle with both foreign aid and even single foreign aid.

Cannavaro is a bit secretive when he talks about tactics at the level of public opinion. He always said at the press conference that he liked to control football and aggressive football, but he practiced defense better than anyone else. Evergrandes temperament is that it can tighten a string for a long time, while other teams cant even tighten it, let alone for a long time.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily editor: Xu Song_ NS1943