To complete the task of protecting class is to succeed

 To complete the task of protecting class is to succeed

Fuli this set of starting lineup is in the last warm-up game 4:0 to win Hebei Huaxia happiness after the finalization. The main goalkeeper is 21-year-old Han Jiaqi rather than Cheng Yuelei, because van Bronckhorst can not use the quota for other positions on the field, but he has to meet the U23 policy in the game (at least one player under 23 must be on the field).

Back line from left to right are Chen zhechao, Li Songyi, Yi Teng and Tang Miao. In the third midfield, Deng Bailey, Zhang Gong and Chen junle are in the third middle court, and the three forwards renadinio, Zahavi and Jinbo are the three forwards. Only from the card surface, Fuli this set of local players in the starting, is probably one of the weakest in the Super League. Chen zhechao and Li Songyi rarely played in Luneng in the past few years, and Yi Tengs performance in Fuli last season was not so good, only Tang Miao has been in a stable position in recent years. In midfield, Zhang Gong and Chen junle are not experienced in CSL, especially Chen junle. Left winger Kimbo has been at Fuli for a year and a half, but has hardly played for Fuli in the league.

The first goal was Li Songyis own goal, obviously he was not prepared at that moment. To a certain extent, this loss determines the trend of the game and the mentality of both sides. Fuli, who lost 72 goals last season, was hit by the unexpected one. Chen zhechaos play on the left side is regular, with no mistakes and no highlights. Chen junle has a strong desire to move forward in midfield, but there are many irrationalities in dealing with the ball. Zhang Gongs interception effect is still obvious. The second penalty given to the opponent is related to physical overdraft. Jinbos breakthrough with the ball can not bring too much to Fulis offensive side, and his tacit understanding with his teammates needs to be strengthened.

Fulis problem is that the intensity of confrontation is weaker than the opponent, and the pace of the game is slower than the opponent. It can be understood that it has something to do with the quality of the players. When van Bronckhorst wanted to change players, he found that there was not much room for adjustment. Left back Zeng Chao, Li Tixiang, ye chugui and 17-year-old Guangzhou winger Wen Yongjun were on the bench. On the contrary, the substitutes of deep foot are Zheng Darren, Pei Shuai and John Mali.

After all, it is only the first game, and van Bronckhorst is not too pessimistic in the post match press conference. If Reina Dinho and Zahavi can grasp their shooting opportunities in the opponents penalty area in the opening stage, the game may be another trend? Van Bronckhorst found a positive point from it: the three goals are not lost in sports, but in positional warfare. The fact that the team has not lost the ball in the sports war shows that the team has done a good job in the defensive organization.

In the last two penalty kicks, I am not satisfied with the judgment and selection of players. For example, the first one, the ball that the opponent took out, was already going out with his back to the goal, so we didnt have to foul. Second, we shouldnt pass in the penalty area and then be cut off by the opponent After the game very direct criticism of the players, you can see that the manager is not happy, but this comment is just a matter of fact.

This competition has laid the tone for Fulis new season: in the case of a substantial reduction in investment, training is the main task, and completing the mission of relegation is success. Van Bronckhorst said: our teams lineup, starting lineup, and playing experience in CSL are not too much. Some people even make their debut in CSL. I hope they can grow up as soon as possible, accumulate more experience, take advantage of opportunities and adjust on the right track.

Maybe it will take time for van Bronckhorst to transform the team. Fuli in the control of the ball organization attack, stoikovics pass control mark is still very obvious, appears a bit wordy, not firm enough. Fuli must not let the result of the first battle defeat affect his morale. A few days later, a second round of greater tests followed, and the opponent was Guangzhou Evergrande in the same city.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily editor: Xu Song_ NS1943