The right way to open the flow, finally Lu Han, Wu Lei understand?

 The right way to open the flow, finally Lu Han, Wu Lei understand?

Among them, the most surprising one is crossing the line of fire

Frankly speaking, before the broadcast of crossing the line of fire, you were worried.

On the one hand, when the drama was officially publicized, it was because the fans of the two male hosts tore each other, and they lost a lot of favor;

On the other hand, Lu Han and Wu Lei have starred in several works, most of which are not optimistic.

(dog head saves life)

Lu Hans Shanghai fortress (2.9 points) and Wu Leis Asura (3.1 points), both of which have been seriously attacked the streets before, have caused many audiences to question their acting skills.

So, with a skeptical attitude, he read the first ten episodes of crossing the line of fire.

I didnt expect that after reading it, it was really fragrant.

At present, more than 40000 people have scored 7.9 points on Douban.

For a domestic drama, 7.9 may not be much, but for a TV series, it is the highest score ever.

Dont worry, lets come together!

Crossing the line of fire director named Xu Hongyu, is a cutting-edge director.

He was born as an editor. He has done many works, such as Charlotte trouble, dear, July and Anshan.

Three years ago, with the directors debut like you, Xu Hongyu officially became famous, and made good achievements in word-of-mouth and box office.

Now, these shooting strengths are all brought to crossing the line of fire by him.

Since the Ig team won the global finals of the League of heroes in 2018, the TV series of E-sports have ushered in an important type turning point.

In 2019 alone, there will be three online video games.

They are: accompany you to the top of the world starred by Wang Yibo and Wang Zixuan, dear, loved by Yang Zi and Li Xian, and full-time Master starred by Yang Yang and Jiang Shuying.

However, due to its professional performance, most of the TV series are faced with a difficult choice: to please the ordinary audience or to please the game players?

In order to please the ordinary audience, many E-sports dramas have chosen the narrative mode of E-sports + romance, which uses the shell of E-sports to wrap the core of love.

For example, the love between Bei Wei and Xiao Nai in a smile is a great fall; for example, in dear, loving, the separation and combination of Tong Yan and his wife.

In order to please game players, there are also some video games, which are regarded as a kind of occupation and made into industry drama.

For example, Yang Yangs full time master is one of the most typical.

Due to the high threshold of watching such plays, some audiences will be lost.

Compared with the above series, crossing the line of fire has the greatest advantagesu2014u2014

It successfully broke the circle and found a perfect balance between the ordinary audience and game players.

Although the play mainly focuses on the game crossing the line of fire (CF), the director takes the game as the carrier and integrates various types of elements into the play: comedy, suspense, industry, fantasy

The integration of these elements not only makes crossing the line of fire jump out of the framework of general sweet favorite drama and industry drama, but also makes it have different diversified aesthetic.

Many game scenes in the play are shot in real scenes.

Such shooting can not only arouse the memory of old players, but also meet the needs of ordinary audience.

Even if the audience know nothing about CF, they will not feel bored. You can see the game fight in the play as a gunfight movie.


In the plot, crossing the line of fire adopts the double line narrative of parallel time and space.

The story of the play takes place in 2008 and 2019 respectively.

In order to realize his dream of E-sports in his heart, Xiao Feng experienced a series of life embarrassments that were misunderstood and ridiculed.

In 2019, Xiaobei (Wu Lei), a junior high school junior who wants to become an E-sports player, is invincible in the game.

Because others obstructed him, Lu Xiaobei lost his qualification to join the professional team.

To this end, he can only form his own team, leading a group of rookies from the beginning.

Two people in different time and space, unconsciously, formed a group of corresponding relationshipu2014u2014

Xiao Fengs psychological malaise, because of the growing age, the loss of team members;

Lu Xiaobei is physically dispirited, sitting in a wheelchair, his heart is surplus but his strength is insufficient.

They are in their own time and space, because of the electronic competition and into the plight of life.

From then on, the reality and the virtual intertwined and connected their lives.

At first, the two just talked about the game.

However, before long, the communication between Xiao Feng and Lu Xiaobei rose from the game to the height of changing life against the sky.

A Fuwa postcard from 2008, let Lu Xiaobei realize: if you change the past, maybe you can change the present.

After the accident, the driver who caused the accident was not brought to justice for a long time.

Can Xiao Feng in 2008 stop the tragedy?

Who is the driver who has not been brought to justice?

This is the first suspense of the play.

At the same time, in the story line of 2019, the screenwriter also buried a lot of questions.

According to the drama, there were two major events in 2008. One was Liu Xiangs withdrawal from the Beijing Olympic Games, and the other was Xiao Fengs team winning the national challenge.

Lu Xiaobei in 2019 only knows the glorious history created by Xiao Feng, but does not know where he is now.

Why will Xiao Feng disappear in 2019?

This is the second suspense of the play.

It is not difficult to see that as a time-space drama, the screenwriter obviously weaves a set of suspense core like want to see you for the play.

In addition to the fascinating suspense factor, the play also adds a lot of humorous comic elements.

There are many parts in the play that make people laugh in minutes.

For example, in order to let friends return, Xiao Feng ran to the game to Xu Wei.

The two successfully sold corruption and formed a sand sculpture CP called Wei you Feng crazy.

The expression of the audience below is like thisu2014u2014

For example, Xiao Feng and Xu Wei went to the wedding.

Xiao Feng took the opportunity to persuade Xu Wei who didnt want to get married: did you feel like you didnt want to get married after attending the wedding?

Xu Wei replied directly: do you feel like you want to die after the funeral?

There are many jokes like this in the play.

So most of the time, the story of the play unfolds in a relaxed and lively atmosphere.

It starts from the reality and digs out the survival status of E-sports players.

Most of the people in the industry, in the end, walked out of the market and locked their dreams into their hearts.

Only a very small number of people are able to climb the summit of life bravely.

Therefore, from the perspective of restoring reality, crossing the line of fire is as authentic as possible.


Finally, I would like to talk about the performance of the two actors in the play.

This kind of brilliance is not only due to the improvement of their acting skills, but also to the high degree of fit between them and the character temperament.

Lu Han, who has cast off the burden of her idol, did not let the lighting and filter cover her hair raising lines and legal tattoos. Instead, she played a hot-blooded house man with a sallow complexion and ruffian character with a mouthful of Beijing movies.

In him, we can no longer see any idol burden or soft breath.

In the play, Xiao Feng has a crying scene, which is very impressive.

On that day, Xiao Feng, who was in charge of wine for the leader, came back home drunk.

He said, they all said that I had chosen the wrong way in the past, so I dont understand. I regard my hobbies as my career and ideal. I didnt steal, I didnt rob, and I didnt hurt others. What did I do wrong?

Many people feel the frustration after the disillusionment.

After many netizens read it, they all called out the truth and thought that Lu Han played out Xiao Fengs frustration.

Different from Lu Hans open performance, Lu Xiaobei, played by Wu Lei, is a more internalized role.

His special growth experience has made him mature and profound beyond his peers.

Only when his emotions accumulate to a certain extent will he usher in a complete outbreak.

In the play, Wu Lei has several emotional catharsis plays, which are also impressive.

Among them, there was a crying scene of tears breaking the bank, which was performed very smoothly by him.

There is not only a sense of progressive emotional hierarchy, but also the explosive power of acting skills, which is a great test of performance skills.

It can be said that crossing the line of fire can bring a lot of surprises, whether it is the type, the plot, or the performance of the actors.

As a new theme, E-sports plays have a long way to go.

And across the line of fire, no doubt for the future of the TV series, played a good demonstration role.

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