Yu Hanchao is not comfortable with his former teammates. Can he play a counter attack?

 Yu Hanchao is not comfortable with his former teammates. Can he play a counter attack?

If it hadnt been for the smearing of license plates, Yu Hanchao would not have left Evergrande, let alone join Shenhua. But everything has changed because of the picture and the video on the Internet. His contract originally expired at the end of 2021.

After 15 days of administrative detention, there was little news about Yu Hanchao. Until June, he appeared in Shenhua training camp. In the warm-up match against Kunshan on July 11, Yu made his first appearance for Shenhua. In the game, he scored a goal.

After solving the quota problem, Shenhua signed a contract with Yu Hanchao, which not only allowed him to play in the Chinese Super League, but also had the chance to play in the Asian championship. Because his favorite No. 20 Jersey belonged to Jin Xinyu, he chose No. 11, and the original owner of the number, Romero, had left.

Before the game, the fans are very concerned about whether Yu Hanchao has a chance to play and kill the old owner. However, because the previous training is not very systematic, and there are Sara and Cao xuanding on the two flanks of Shenhua, there is no possibility of starting in Hanchao. However, he has entered the competition list and still has the possibility of being a substitute.

In the case of two goals behind, Cui Kangxi gave Yu Hanchao a chance to replace Cao Yunding.

If at Evergrandes home court, Yu Hanchaos heart may fluctuate even more, but in Dalian, Yu Hanchaos expression is calm. He is just a little uncomfortable in the face of his former teammates.

Due to the teams backwardness, Yu Hanchao is very active, whether it is offensive or defensive, and he also creates a certain pressure on Zhang Linpeng. In addition, Shenhuas corner kick and free kick are also punished by Hanchao, but the threat is not great.

In terms of data, Yu Hanchao has only one shot, one cross, eight passes, and the success rate is only 50% -- for Han Chao, the time is too short, and his state is not at his best.

However, the 33 year old Yu Hanchao should be in a good state of mind. He has said before, no matter whether it is starting or on the bench, every player has his own responsibility, has his own task, the coach uses you, how to use you, what to do, his mind is clear, after playing, do what he should do well, that is the basis of your foothold.

When he first arrived at Evergrande, Yu Hanchao was not the main force. But in the end, he became the main left avant-garde of the team. Can he stage such a counter attack in Shenhua?

Source: football newspaper Author: Chen Wei, editor in charge: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732