You promise me a bright future. I will accompany you to talk about the cute couple who are too young for the entertainment industry

 You promise me a bright future. I will accompany you to talk about the cute couple who are too young for the entertainment industry

Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting are the most aged people in the entertainment industry.

Age difference: 31 years old.

They fell in love with each other in 1999 and have three children: the eldest son Zhang Yinan, the second son Zhang Yiding and the youngest daughter Zhang Yijiao. If it wasnt for the exorbitant fine, I believe Zhang Yimou would not have the courage to marry such a small wife?

Some people say that Chen Ting has never lost money in her life. She gave birth to a child for Zhang Yimou at the age of 19. She is rich in clothing and food. She does not have to work, so she is enjoying her life.

But some people say, so young, what do you know about love? Its just being cheated into the incense door by an old man.

The only thing that can be sure is that Chen Ting can rely on Zhang Yimou to eat, drink and have fun all her life. For her, age difference is less important than life stability.

You Xiaogang is the one who can catch up with Zhang Yimou.

Although he is not as famous as Zhang Yimou as a director, he must catch up with his age difference.

Age difference: 30 years old.

Of course, except for her youth, she is not as famous as her two previous wives. However, she cant bear to have a husband who can help her. After getting to know you Xiaogang in an interview program, Zhou Tingyi quickly takes part in the other partys new play secret history of Xi Shi. It doesnt matter if her role is not remembered. After the play is over, you Xiaogang divorces Wu Qianqian immediately and turns to marry her, which is regarded as success Its up there.

After that, she will become the only woman in you Xiaogangs new play. Naturally, there is a future.

However, it is impossible for a woman who has been contaminated with the entertainment industry to be quiet.

There is no need for Ming Yi to tell their story. Famous entrepreneurs encounter a little white rabbit in the entertainment industry. They love each other fiercely. They fly to foreign countries to love each other. It is said that they have registered for marriage and even are pregnant.

Mingyi thinks that the most beautiful love is if you give me your heart, I will give you a white head. For them who are too young in age, if you wish me a bright future, I will accompany you to talk about my white head. In fact, no one cares about whether they can go to the end of time, as long as the process is wonderful enough.

It is very gratifying that these couples are still together. With her bright future and white hair, would you like to believe that this is true love?