Love at first sight married idol, together for 34 years, a generation of a double, their love was praised true love song

 Love at first sight married idol, together for 34 years, a generation of a double, their love was praised true love song

Yu Lan, who plays the role of sister Jiang, died of illness in Beijing,

He was 99 years old.

The legendary life of nearly a century,

Yu Lan in the history of Chinese film

Leaving behind a star like light.

Zhou Lian in revolutionary family,

Sister Jiang in eternal life in the fire,

Yu Lan has made numerous distinctive characters.

The first director of,

Century Award outstanding actress

Winner of the lifetime achievement award.

Yu Lans achievements in film industry


Her love story with Tian Fang

Its even more spectacular,

Its written by the writer Hoda

A song of true love

See you for the first time

I fell in love with you

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, you know?

In 1938, when Yu Lan, 17, heard her first confession in her life, she blushed and whispered, I dont know. But the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you...

Tian Fang plays Wang Wenqing in hero children

In 1936, 15-year-old Yu Lan was still a junior high school student. That year, Tian Fang starred in the film flying with lofty ideals. He vividly portrayed the rural youth Tian Dehou.

After watching the film, Yu Lan thought, this man is really amazing! I will marry someone like this.

Although Yu Lan also likes art and wants to be an actor, she never dreamed that she would meet Tian Dehou two years later.

In the autumn of 1938, one from Liaoning and the other from Shanghai, they went to the Anti Japanese military and Political University in Yanan.

Soon after, Yu Lan went to see the play to Madrid in a theater transformed by a church. She didnt know that the hero was Tian Fang.

At that time, he played a Spanish soldier with yellow hair and deep eyes, but Yu Lan recognized Tian Fang at a glance. Her heart fluttered and she didnt dare to go backstage to talk to her. She was afraid that she would never see him again.

Soon, Yu Lan went to see the drama sunrise, and the hero was Tian Fang.

She thought he was a wonderful actor, and he was who he was. Listen to people around talk about tianfangren really good, Yu Lan blushed for no reason, more afraid to never see him again.

She didnt expect to see him often on campus.

She wanted to ask why he came here, but she still had no courage.

Never forget, there must be echoes, fate soon made the best arrangements.

At the end of this year, the two entered Lu Xun Art Academy at the same time and began to rehearse and perform together. They gradually became familiar with each other.

Yu Lan is still timid and timid. He never takes the initiative to talk to Tian Fang. He also looked serious and upright, never paying attention to her.

Yu Lan and his good friend Zhao Lu

Zhao Lu is very straightforward, and directly confesses to Tian Fang.

Who expected Tian Fang directly refused her and turned to Yu Lan: the first time I saw you by the Yanhe River, I secretly fell in love with you.

The romantic confession like movie lines caught Yu Lan off guard, and made her heart feel like a cattail, its him. In my life, I will not like other people


It doesnt matter if theyre all good people

Before Yu Lan, Tian Fang had a marriage.

The marriage was arranged by the mother. They had no common language and no love. The wife died unexpectedly when she gave birth to her second child. After confirming the relationship, Tian Fang told all this to Yu Lan.

Yu Lan said, you might as well tell the children that they will have a mother soon.

In the winter of 1940, Yu Lan married Tian Fang, who she had loved since she was 15 years old. This year, the caves in Yanan were frozen to the core, but their hearts were warm and blazing.

Its nice to be together. This is Yu Lans wedding speech.

Tian said he wanted to bring the two children to his side as soon as possible. Yu Lan immediately let his brother go to Beiping and take Tian Fangs two children back to Yanan from relatives home.

The children almost catch up with Yu Lan. They call Yu Lan mother timidly. Yu Lan agrees with tears and shyness.

When she decided to marry Tian Fang, she was ready to be a mother to her two children. But its not easy. Tian Fang is eager to make up for the fathers love of the past ten years to his children, and asks Yu Lan to be the same as him.

You ask a lot, and you complain a lot. Yu Lan cant help complaining.

Real life is not a movie. Its bitterness and bitterness. Yu Lan said that she was willing to be the mother of the children, but also wanted to be a husbands little woman, hard work can be seen, occasionally also can act coquettish.

But Tian Fang is full of male chauvinism, whether in private or in front of others, he is not considerate for blue dot.

In a superior family, Yu Lansheng cant cook, wash clothes and mend.

He complained and was anxious with her.

In order to create a place for Yu Lan to practice martial arts, Tian Fang squatted on the grass in front of the door and cut off a large piece of wild jujube thorn root by root with a pair of rusty scissors from morning to dusk.

Looking at his thin back, Yu Lan couldnt help shedding tears.

At that moment, I felt that my heart was too small, because he was really good!

Love is deep and true, is it ugly? Thousands of mountains and rivers, bitter with your line.

In 1946, Tian Fang was organized and arranged to go to the northeast to set up a northeast film studio. During the war, Yu Lan never complained;

In 1949, Tian Fang took over the Beijing Film Studio, and Yu Lan followed him without hesitation.

After Tian Fang and his ex-wifes two children became adults and became independent, Yu Lan became a mother and gave birth to their sons Tian Xinxin and Tian Zhuangzhuang.

Behind him is Tian Zhuangzhuang

After becoming a mother, she felt more and more happy moments between herself and Tian Fang.

In 1954, Yu Lan went to the Central Academy of drama to take part in a training class for performance cadres. Tian Fang gave her a thick notebook and said in the title page that she should be a good student;

In 1960, the couple co starred in the film revolutionary family, which was their only screen cooperation;

In 1964, Tian Fang played the role of Wang Wenqing in the film heroic children. They spent night and day trying to figure out the plot

In heroes and daughters, director Wangs actor is the famous film performing artist Tian Fang


Because of love

We understand and support each other, spare no effort and fear hardship in our respective posts, and work wholeheartedly for the cause of the party, and we have also grown up and achieved certain results. Tian Fang and I are happy and happy revolutionary partners.

She thought that there were still many such days. Two revolutionary partners with common dreams would hold hands until they were white headed and go on.

In 1974, Tian Fang was diagnosed with cancer, advanced stage.

After many years, Yu Lan still remembers the night before her husband died.

She thought he was asleep, so she turned off the light and sat alone by the windowsill of the ward, looking out at the night, praying that God would let him go.

Tian Fang tightly clutched Yu Lans hand into his palm. He held it for a long time, as if to rub her into his body.

Yu Lan cried, Tian Fang raised his hand to help her dry her tears and said, in my office, there is a passbook that you usually save up for my living expenses. It may be useful for you.

Yu Lan went to Tian Fangs office and found the passbook in the drawer. There were 200 yuan in it. At that time, Tian Fangs monthly living expenses were only 20 yuan. They have been together for 34 years. They have been living a tight life all the way. How did he save the 200 yuan from starvation.

Together for 34 years, when he died, Yu Lan was 53 years old.

For a popular actress, she is still young.

Yu Lan shook his head and sighed: I only love one person in my life. He will wait for me there. In a few years, I will go there to meet him.

In 1978, Yu Lan was found to have breast cancer, and she did not tell her child. A person to the hospital, registration, hospitalization, double mastectomy surgery.

Her health was not as good as before. She went from front of the stage to behind the scenes. She was the first director of China childrens film studio and chairman of China childrens film and Television Center. She worked conscientiously.

Im not tired at all, and Im not alone at all.

Although it has experienced the baptism of years, the sincere feeling has not been erased. Life is short, but love is eternal. To have someone to miss is happiness.

This line in the Japanese film love letter is the most true portrayal of Yu Lan who misses Tian Fang.

On the evening of June 27, 2020, Yu Lan completed 99 years of life.

The sons know that the place where mother is going on this trip is her hearts destination all the time, because there is a person she loves waiting for