Six months of my loss of lust

 Six months of my loss of lust

To be honest, I havent had this kind of apathy between love and sex in recent years. I always think that there is no comparison between lust and sexuality. In the final analysis, it depends on the feeling. And now I dont feel anything.

The demand in all aspects is very low. According to the past, I will buy a lot of small skirts to welcome the summer. This year, I have not bought any other clothes except fitness clothes, let alone jewelry and shoes. I used to buy myself a dessert every once in a while, but now Im tired even if I take two mouthfuls of it.

Moreover, I found that my mood is also very stable, even my menopausal mother standing opposite nagging me, I can calmly reason with her. It can be said that in addition to the rise and fall of the fund, there is nothing that can affect my nerves.

Its not against falling in love, but having no idea about it. Not thinking about the past people and things, just temporarily stay in place empty themselves.

For me, the cost of love is too high. I used to talk about it when I felt like it was coming. If one party didnt love it, it would be separated. As for sadness, there must be some at the moment, but I know it will soon be diluted by new and interesting people and things.

Not now. When I really feel a hand, it is not love can always go smoothly, and I can not accept that others drag me down, and I dont want to drag others down, my view on love changes.

My little sister, who had changed two terms, advised me not to close myself up. Even if I could not go out and socialize during the epidemic, I could get to know some little brothers online!

Oh, mom, Ive really tried. I thought that although I cant hold hands and kiss, its OK to adjust the hormone. For this reason, I still spent tens of yuan on the social software for VIP.

However, I was wrong. I found that everyone either played the game or chased the drama together. I didnt have any interest in it, let alone talk about it.

Ha ha ha ha ha, I feel a little funny.

I can do this online, not to mention offline.

How much do I have? I chat with boys who choose fitness online. No one wants to take care of me when Im offline.

Im impatient to chat with any boy. I can just unload the pieces and carry the stool. No one wants to affect my training.

Therefore, I successfully harvest the title of single little expert. Im more skillful in routine than anyone else. Ive got a lot of sexy expression bags. But I just dont want to show my ability in this respect.

Before seamless connection, I never thought that I would lose my passion one day. Although know is temporary, but still can not help feeling a sentence, heaven good reincarnation, heaven around who.

All blame me for being too frivolous. Peoples lust is certain. Whoever uses it first must become a monk.