Flame heavy, poor husband and cheating wife kiss back to the white hair about

 Flame heavy, poor husband and cheating wife kiss back to the white hair about

At this time, there was a huge fire accident in the club, and people ran for their lives. In an instant, the staircase from the third floor to the first floor becomes the human ladder! Derailed wife was trampled under the feet by a group of people, in the sea of fire poison smoke over and over again calling for help Who will save Taiwans boss and poor husband when it comes to life and death?

Depressed and poor husband: a beautiful wife becomes the lover of a rich man

Li Wenliang, 31, a native of Jingxi County, Guangxi Province, asked his wife, ye Yishan, to take care of the blind father-in-law and the frail and sickly mother-in-law after he had his son Mingming in 2001. As children grow up day by day, the familys economic situation is increasingly difficult. In October 2003, ye Yishan came to Shenzhen alone and worked as a buyer in a Taiwan funded factory in Longgang District. In order to change the poor family situation, she endured a long separation from her husband.

However, Li Wenliangs salary is only enough for the familys living expenses. Although Ye Yishans salary is more than 2000 yuan, she spends a lot of money. She can only send home three or five hundred yuan a month, which is spent on the medical expenses of her parents in law and the tuition fees of her children.

In January 2007, ye Yishan went home to celebrate the new year. When she saw that all the people in the village had built up buildings, she had an indescribable taste in her heart! After the Spring Festival, she advised her husband to resign to work in Shenzhen. However, Li Wenliang was not willing to lose his iron rice bowl, but also worried that they were all gone, and that the elderly and children would not be taken care of. Ye Yishan was so angry that she scolded: what a wooden skull! When can you make a good life for your family if you keep your dead salary every month

Ye Yishan returned to Shenzhen angrily. Since then, she seldom calls home. Li Wenliang repeatedly called Ye Yishans mobile phone to apologize to her. But from his wifes indifferent attitude, he gradually felt that his wife might have changed her mind.

Soon after, Li Wenliang heard the gossip again. He could not sit still. At the end of August 2008, he took a months leave and went to Shenzhen to find out.

On the evening of September 3, Li Wenliang called Ye Yishan after he arrived in Shenzhen. Ye Yishan was surprised and asked, are you here? Why dont you call in advance? After the two met, Li Wenliang found his wifes attitude cold. Whats more, to Li Wenliangs surprise, ye Yishan didnt take him to his residence. Instead, he went to a hotel with him for a nights sleep.

The next night, ye Yishan didnt come to the hotel to accompany him for working overtime. In those two days, Li Wenliang had been thinking: did his wife really change her mind? The third night, ye Yishan finally came. Li Wenliang couldnt help asking, how wasteful you always let me stay in a hotel! Didnt you rent a house in Shenzhen Ye Yishan said: Im sharing the rent with my female colleagues in the company. You can go back after playing for a few days. Its convenient to live here. Li Wenliang said quickly, but I want to find a job here. Hearing this, ye Yishan asked in a hurry, what? Are you willing to leave that iron rice bowl Seeing his wifes uneasiness, Li Wenliang said slightly reproachfully, why, you dont welcome me? Ye Yishan reluctantly agreed: well, Ill ask my colleagues to move away! Tomorrow Saturday, you will move the head office again

The next day, Li Wenliang moved into Ye Yishans rented house. That weekend, ye Yishan took him to Shenzhen for two days, but he always asked when he would go back in the evening. A week later, ye Yishan was a little impatient. On the evening of September 11, they were having dinner together when ye Yishan suddenly answered a phone call and said that the company had social intercourse, so she hurried out and left him alone at home. Li Wenliang was very angry. He didnt even eat any food. He lay on the sofa and smoked a dull cigarette. More than 12 oclock in the night, ye Yishan has not come back, he will call her mobile phone, for a long time no one answered. Until the sixth time, ye Yishan was drunk and yelled in her mobile phone: Im still in the dance hall with my colleagues. Theres a lot of noise here. You go to bed first. Ill stay with my colleagues tonight.

Two days later, Li Wenliang finally couldnt help it and said angrily, dont play hide and seek with me! You must have another man! Shanshan, you cant rely on such a person Hearing this, ye Yishan said angrily, so you didnt come to see me, you came to check the post! You are late, tell me Seeing that his wife was angry, Li Wenliang softened his voice and said, Shanshan, that boss must have a wife and children. How can you do such a thing? Come home with me Unexpectedly, ye Yishan said something that surprised him: he is married. His wife and children are in Taiwan, just as I am married, and my husband and children are in Guangxi. Now that you know everything, lets divorce! Li Wenliang suppressed his anger and pleaded: Shanshan, we have been married for eight years. Is it easy? You dont think for me, you should also think for Mingming! Ming Ming is only 7 years old. Do you have the heart to leave him? Shanshan, as long as you come home with me now, I will forgive you... However, no matter how he tried to persuade her, ye Yishan was determined to divorce, and even his face was gone.

At more than 10 oclock in the evening, Li Wenliang arrived at Wuwang club on time. Led by the waiter, he came to a luxurious box with two bodyguards standing outside a door on the third floor. Ye Yishan and a man were sitting on the sofa. The man named Gaoqiao was the Taiwan boss who kept Ye Yishan.

Boss Gao sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and a cigar in his mouth. He opened the door and said, Mr. Li, you must know what happened to Yishan and I. I dont think you need to spend it like this. Yishan and you have no feelings, you and her divorce! I told Yi Shan that I would give her 600000 yuan as long as she was willing to divorce and live a comfortable life with me...

Seeing this, ye Yishan said to Li Wenliang, I really cant get along with you. Its better to break up now. How about half of the 600000 yuan for each of us? If you have 300000 yuan, take good care of the elderly and children! Li Wenliang slapped his wife heavily with a wave, gritted his teeth and said, do you think he really loves you? How could he like you all his life? Hes just keeping you as a pet when his wife isnt around. He is playing with your feelings Who knows, ye Yishan disdains to say: I dont care about these, anyway, I dont want to go back with you to live that kind of poor life. When I have 300000 yuan, I can live a good life. Li Wenliang didnt expect Ye Yishan to say such shameless words. He said angrily, I dont want money and I dont want a divorce. What can you do?

Li Wenliang was frightened by the situation! When he calmed down, he quickly grabbed the tablecloth, then soaked it with beer and coke, wrapped it on his head and rushed out. When he ran to the hall, he saw the smoke rolling and the electricity suddenly stopped. People kept pushing towards the main door. He had to follow the crowd when he was not familiar with the direction

As soon as he got to the stairs, Li Wenliang heard Ye Yishans cry for help: Wenliang, Im here. Where are you? I fell down and was held down by others. I cant stand up. Come and help me

Li Wenliang pushed down quickly. However, the flow of people was so fierce that many people fell on the stairs and were trampled on by those who came later. In order to prevent being knocked down, Li Wenliang clings to the stair railing and follows Ye Yishans increasingly weak cry for help. He finally reaches the corner of the second floor stairs. When he found Ye Yishan by the light of his mobile phone, he found that there were two people on her body! Whats more, when he tried to turn over a girls body, he found that the other side was unconscious! Ye Yishan is also dying

Li Wenliang quickly pulled off the wet tablecloth wrapped around his head and covered the face of Ye Yishan and a boy lying beside her. At this time, the stream of people is still pouring down. Before Li Wenliang can pull Ye Yishan up, he is also pushed down. When he tried again to pull Ye Yishan up and flee, the people behind him yelled: dont stand in the way here, you can escape quickly! But how could he leave his wife alone? Those who were in a hurry to escape simply stepped on his back and ran down when he pulled Ye Yishan. This step became a meat ladder. Seeing that he had no chance to stand up, he simply lay down on Ye Yishans body and held them face to face.

Although the steps of escape hit Li Wenliangs back like hail, he was afraid that ye Yishan would be overloaded, so he gritted his teeth to protect her body like doing push ups. At this time, due to the effect of the wet tablecloth, ye Yishan and the boy next to her had consciousness. The boy whispered, thank you, big brother! Ye Yishan also moved to say: youd better go out by yourself, we are all trampled, cant walk. Li Wenliang said, dont talk, keep your strength! You are my wife. How can I leave you alone! Well die together After that, he continued to hold a hug posture with Ye Yishan.

After a disaster, cheating wife holds hands with infatuated husband

Later, Li Wenliang and ye Yishan were sent to the Central Hospital of Longgang District in Shenzhen for treatment. After emergency diagnosis and treatment, both of them were out of danger. Ye Yishans right arm was scalded, and there was a piece of purplish red blood stasis on her thigh, which was trampled on by high-heeled shoes; while Li Wenliangs right leg was fractured, and there were multiple bruises on his arm and back. He also suffered from inhalation injury, ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy, etc.

Ye Yishan was treated in the general ward on the fourth floor of the hospital for minor injuries, while Li Wenliang was admitted to the intensive care unit. In those days, she was very worried about her husbands injury. She couldnt eat or sleep. She remembered what she had done in the past, how boss Gao ran away on his own that night, and how Li Wenliang had sacrificed his life to breathe with her in the narrow human flesh channel. She would cry silently

Gao didnt come to see her until September 23. Holding a bunch of flowers and a big bag of fruit, he explained in a high sounding voice: Yi Shan, that night was really unexpected! At that time, two of my men dragged me out. I didnt even have a chance to pull you back! Ye Yishan has been so angry that she really wants to scold him bloody! But considering that there are patients nearby, I had to go to the balcony with boss Gao and said angrily, dont make excuses for yourself! If you love me, even the emperor cant stop you, let alone your subordinates! I think well, you go, and dont come to me in the future!

Unexpectedly, boss Gao said: good! Thats exactly what I came here today. I have heard about your husbands rescue. I feel that your husband really loves you! This is 20000 yuan. Its my apology to you! With that, boss Gao put a bag on Ye Yishans bed and left. On September 24, after three days of first aid, Li Wenliang, who was out of danger, was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward. Ye Yishan has basically recovered and can be discharged, but she did not leave, but stayed to take care of Li Wenliang. At first, ye Yishan, who knew she was sorry for her husband, didnt want to talk much. She just guarded him and fed him. Later, Li Wenliang first said, Yi Shan, Ive been thinking for a long time. I cant do without you, and obviously I cant do without you! When I get better, youll come home with me, OK? I miss you and want to cry Hearing this, ye Yishan cried out.

Early in the morning of September 25, Li Wenliangs mother and uncle arrived in Shenzhen from their hometown. After hearing about the cause of the incident, Lis mother vented all her resentment on her daughter-in-law and scolded: its all your harm. If it wasnt for you, my son would not have gone all the way to Shenzhen to live and suffer. After losing face in front of the crowd, ye Yishan left with tears streaming down her face. She felt remorse in her heart! She walked on the street, feeling as lonely and helpless as floating on the sea!

On September 26, ye Yishan came to the hospital to see Li Wenliang and left 10000 yuan and her new mobile phone number. When ye Yishan left, Li Wenliang said, Shanshan, dont go far away. You must wait for me to leave the hospital. That night, ye Yishan sent him a text message saying, Liang, Im staying in the hotel next to the hospital. Ill come to see you every day until youre discharged from the hospital and come home with you. As long as you forgive me, I swear, I will be good to you forever

Ye Yishan finally understood: the fire really tests the love of a poor man and a rich man to himself. Human feelings and human nature are always more important than money! But when she understands this, there are still many difficulties for her to face. Because although Li Wenliang forgave her, can Li Wenliangs family still accept her? Can she and her husband get over the past and love each other as before?

(because of privacy, the names in this article are pseudonyms)