Lovers chatting record: its really a living man who loves himself to break up

 Lovers chatting record: its really a living man who loves himself to break up

I realized with him that it has been more than two years since I was in a different place, and my feelings were good before. No matter how I make trouble, he can tolerate it. Basically once a month, four or five times at most.

I didnt see him for more than four months because of the epidemic and work. Then he came to see me this time. I checked his mobile phone and made some conflicts. I slapped him. He was not angry and angry at that time. I also regretted and apologized several times.

The first two days after returning home, it was still normal. He would answer the phone information and reply. The third day began to force me to break up, looking for various reasons to let me leave.

Now I almost know why. It is because of the usual quarrel with him, plus that slap, he said that he was afraid of me and wanted to break up. But I dont want to break up. I know I want to change my mistakes, but I dont know where to start.

Cold love reply:

This girl has a sentence that makes me a little moved, she said: aware of their own personality problems, do not change with no one can go on, but really do not know where to start..

I saw her bewildered pain, but I dont think its a personality problem at all. I think its still a script problem. Its what kind of script were holding.

What is the script in the hands of the hostess?

It was the ex husband who gambled, took drugs, cheated, and now the relationship is on the verge of breaking down.

A play that emerges from these two relationships is:

In the past, she always fell into a situation of being hurt, and now she has to find a reliable and good character boy. But she has to make the other party hurt herself by playing with each other, which seems to prove that the other party cares about herself.

She didnt know where she had learned such a way of being loved that the other person hurt herself to prove that she cared about herself.

But anyway, shes going to rewrite a new play from today on.

The new play is called: love yourself, then someone will love you.

If you dont love yourself, how can others love you?

How to do it?

I can teach the hostess a method called clock in ceremony of love.

All readers can do this ceremony once a week.

But if the situation is serious like the female owner, it is recommended to do it every day.

The clock in ceremony of love includes three things every day: gratitude, praise and blessing.

First of all, gratitude..

Start with a list of gratitude.

For example, this woman can think: who has helped herself in her life and who is good to her?

For specific things: how to help yourself, how to be good to yourself, how to connect with yourself, how to make yourself, etc. write a gratitude diary.

Second, praise..

Praise, must be from the heart, real, unconditional praise.

This kind of praise, is not to flatter who or how, but any small thing around.

Even if you pass a bus stop and see a lovely little girl, you can praise it and say, its lovely to wear this braid today. This is a compliment.

Praise, is a kind of sincere appreciation, is a kind of joy from the heart.

Every praise is a process of discovering beauty.

Third, blessing..

Blessing, also must be without additional conditions.

This is not called blessing, because in most cases, this kind of blessing is a passing scene, and some people even wish the other party unhappiness in their heart.

Blessing a person, is not still looking forward to his future success, promotion and wealth after pulling their own.

This is not called blessing, it is called pray that the other party is OK, you can also share the share.

The real blessing is that it has no interest relationship with the other party. It just feels happy for the growth of others from the heart. It is a very pure and simple blessing.

For female owners, if they want to change scripts, they can change them in this way. They can nourish their love for themselves, love for others, and the flow of love by clocking out gratitude, praise and blessing every day.

In the process of nourishment, we should slowly understand what the flow of love is, and then we can really re-examine what script we have in hand and what kind of love is the real love for ourselves.