Lawyer talks about yamy: PUA in workplace or violation of employees personality rights

 Lawyer talks about yamy: PUA in workplace or violation of employees personality rights

Artist yamy posted the recording of the meeting on Weibo, saying that the boss criticized her for suppressing her, causing concern. Yamy used to be the 101 captain of the womens team.

Some netizens questioned that Xu Mingchao, the boss involved, was suspected of PUA in the workplace. At first, PUA was designed to help people with social phobia to build self-confidence, but now it has evolved into a behavior that achieves its goal through training, packaging, deception, brainwashing, etc.) To continue this cycle, we should treat employees by means of suppression and derogation, so that they doubt their self-worth, and their attitude has been changing between encouragement and accusation.

At about 16:00 on the 22nd, a staff member of Beijing Jichuang gravity culture media Co., Ltd., the company involved in the above incident, told the surging news that they would not reply now.

Being belittled by the boss, the artists public meeting was recorded

The surging news has noticed that in the public recording, a man has repeatedly commented that she is very ugly and not fashionable, is the ugliest of all of you and that the clothes she wears every time she comes to the company looks like a hedgehog. I think shes sick!

On the 22nd, Xu Mingchao sent another article in response to the above-mentioned incident, saying, I am the middle-aged male boss of PUA in the workplace. he apologized to the artists and colleagues he had worked with, but refused to apologize to yamy. I ask myself, am I the male boss of PUA in the workplace? yes! I am! I apologize! ... but I wont apologize to yamy!

Qixinbao shows that Beijing Jichuang gravity culture media Co., Ltd., which was established in 2015, is an artist brokerage service provider. It is mainly engaged in artist training and artist positioning and packaging business. In addition, it also operates record distribution, performance brokerage, concert production, variety show production, film and television production, and owns tianwu IDG and JC artists college. Xu Mingchao is one of the shareholders of the company.

Surging news noted that artist yamy said on her microblog that her boss Xu Mingchaos attitude towards her made her self doubt and fear. For more than two years, Ive been depressed by the crackdown and accusation, and Im full of expectations with a promise. I used to really think that if there was a problem, it must be my fault. It was that I didnt do well enough.

Zhong lanan, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi law firm, believes that although there is no legal provision to specify the PUA in the workplace, it is still a legal issue in essence. If the superior uses some skills to control the employees psychology, from the legal point of view, it may not involve the violation of the law. However, if the superior causes the subordinate to have an improper relationship with him or insults the lower levels personality by the above-mentioned means, thus causing infringement on the lower levels personality right, the lower level may require the higher level or the unit to bear the liability for infringement.

Zhong Lanan said that the personality rights of Chinese citizens are strictly protected by law. In addition, in the civil code of the peoples Republic of China, which will be implemented on January 1, 2021, the code of personality rights strictly protects citizens personality rights. In the workplace, both the superior and the subordinate have equal personality rights. If the superior takes advantage of his authority to belittle the lower level employees personality, it is not allowed in law. Zhong lanan said that it is difficult to define whether the workplace PUA behavior violates the right of personality. If the superior just uses psychological hints to make the lower level employees feel that they are incompetent, or the lower level employees accept it voluntarily, the law can not directly intervene.

In view of the PUA phenomenon in the workplace, Zhong lanan appeals that managers in the workplace should respect the personality of their subordinates and ensure that employees can work with dignity. Subordinates should also establish self-confidence, and do not let others evaluation completely dominate their own value. Enterprises should also fully consider the dignity of employees in the process of management, so as to truly abide by the law.

Source: surging news editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351