Football Association to help many countries to develop the number of teams in 2019 U23 league tournament

 Football Association to help many countries to develop the number of teams in 2019 U23 league tournament

Our players have just gathered from the league and are tired. We need to adjust our form as soon as possible for the rest of the season. After the game, coach Maddaloni said the team still has room for improvement. The U23 football team has 1 warm-up matches for Iran U23 this week and then the final list of 20 people will be confirmed.

The Jakarta Asian Games to take part in the Jakarta Asian Games to seize the medal, the Chinese Football Association is not hesitate to compress the middle and super competition and temporarily adjust the U23 policy to ensure the smooth release of all the clubs (the first Asian Games before the club and Asian Games robbing events), and the national Football Manager Ripia array supervision, also reflected the team must The responsibility of strive for the glory of the country.

Although the Asian Games organized the organizing committee before the opening of the game, the United Arab Emirates and the Palestinians were missed when the first draw, the second draw was just cam to put the two teams into different groups. After the Iraqi team was kicked out of the Asian Games because of changing the age scandal, the organizing committee played third mens football matches. Second draw, before being put into group E the United Arab Emirates team change to the group C and U23 team, according to the game show, U23 will meet East Timor U23 team, Syria U23 team and the United Arab Emirates U23 team, according to the industry analysis, this time U23 national foot team out of the 16 difficulty is not big, and it is possible to achieve better results. .

One of the reasons is that the football games of the Asian Games, except for U23, are all the best for South Koreas U23 team - in order to win the gold medal, Sun Xingmin and Zhao Xianyou, the two major Korean national teams, will join the team as a super age player, and Sun Xingmin will even give up the Asian Cup tournament at the beginning of next year. Xinghun took two of the two Asian Games and Asian cups. In other countries, the football association is not as important as the Korean Football Association, such as the Iran Asian Games did not recruit super age players and overseas players. The Japanese Asian Games decided to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with the local U21 team, which made the U23 countries full of opportunity.

In fact, this Asian Games is the last time for the 95 age group U23 players to go out collectively. After the Asian Games, the team was already disbanded, but for the Asian Games, the Chinese Football Association still retained the team building system. The Medal for his U23 career was a successful conclusion for these new players.

However, after the U23 lucky, it is not clear that the Chinese Football Association will launch several new policies in the new season to escort the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the national football World Cup by the national football team - according to the reporter, because of entering the Tokyo Olympic Games and entering the Qatar world cup The standard has been determined, the Chinese Football Association is planning a number of measures to help the national team to improve the speed of growth, the 2019 season U23 players team competition League is one of the plans. Although people in the industry have repeatedly stressed that the biggest gap between Chinese football and football power is still at the grass-roots level, the national teams performance has become an urgent task. In the background of the players personal ability to the upper limit, the marshal training and multi play acceleration grinding are the most rapid improvement of the national character team. Effective means, but in the face of the objective laws of football, the effectiveness of the new deal is still unknown. Source: China Youth Daily editor: Xu Song _NS1943