Closing comments: Shanghai index rose 0.26percent and kept stable; 3200 gold concept set off trading limit

 Closing comments: Shanghai index rose 0.26percent and kept stable; 3200 gold concept set off trading limit

In terms of sectors: gold, planting industry, biological vaccine, liquor, digital currency and other sectors were the top gainers, while China shipbuilding, tax-free concept, Guangdong Free Trade Zone, NMN concept, military industry, tourism and other sectors ranked first.

As of 15:00, the net inflow was 468 million yuan, the Shanghai Stock connect outflow was 2.9 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen Stock connect was 3.368 billion yuan.

Among the 32 stocks in the selected layer of the new third board, 10 stocks rose at the end of the day, with n sharing the best performance; 21 stocks fell, and 4 stocks including n Liujin fell by more than 20%.

Everbright Securities said that last week, the A-share market showed a trend of rising first and then falling, and the broad-based indexes closed down slightly. Structurally, the cyclical sector led the rise, while the technology sector performed poorly. In the short term, the high level of market valuation, the tightening of policy margin and the escalation of Sino US friction will disturb the short-term trend of the market.

Anxin Securities said that it maintained its neutral judgment on the short-term market. The market rose too fast in July. In the short term, in the face of external uncertainty, it may still face a stage of consolidation, and a new round of upward market still needs to wait for a turning point. In the medium term, the three core factors of global liquidity flooding, Chinas recovery trend and A-share allocation attractiveness have not yet been damaged, and the long-term growth of A-share market remains unchanged.

Looking forward to the future market, Societe Generale Securities should rationally look at the long-term bull market. Short term adjustment and lower slope can also make the long bull go longer and healthier. At the same time, the previous Quartet of national attention, resident allocation, institutional allocation and global allocation in the 2020 annual strategy embracing the era of rights and interests has not changed, and the market is verifying its judgment step by step. Whether it is residents financing funds, or insurance to increase the proportion of equity allocation and other policy catalysis. After 30 years of development of the A-share market, with the improvement of various systems, the institutional characteristics of investor structure have become more and more mature, and the characteristics of US stock market have become more and more mature. The worlds best asset is in Chinas stock market, and we are experiencing a round of Bull.

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