What did Guo Qilin rely on from unable to support ah Dou to becoming popular all the way?

 What did Guo Qilin rely on from unable to support ah Dou to becoming popular all the way?

You know, Guo Qilin (for the time being) is a clear stream of the second generation of stars and the second generation of wealth!

If we want to talk about the second generation of stars after the stars, are there few examples of father pit? There are drug addicts, girls, car accidents to find the top bag, there are plane trouble, there are mischief, simply not too much.

From yearning for life, wonderful museum night, trump versus trump to please the refrigerator, run, and the strongest brain

Guo Qilin is using his life to participate in variety shows!

Even Mr. He, a model worker in the entertainment industry, cant help sighing that he can meet Guo Qilin wherever he goes on the program this year.

Even those who dont pursue variety shows very much, now when they mention Guo Qilin, they will be very flattered.

However, Guo Qilin was not so bright when he first appeared in the public view.

When Guo Qilin was in the third grade of junior high school, he chose to drop out of school to learn crosstalk with his father Guo Degang.

This news, at that time, was a bomb, because in our ordinary peoples life, all the way from primary school, junior high school to high school and University, how could we drop out of school at a young age?

This is a deviant decision!

However, not everyones life trajectory is the same, and it is not only reading, high education is good, can be outstanding.

Isnt Guo Qilin the best example now?

But what happened?

As a saying goes, who laughs the last is the winner.

In just a few years, Guo Qilin subverted the publics understanding of him with his own strength.

Now, people no longer always bind him to Guo Degang, and he is no longer a little transparent who only relies on Guo Degang to have his name.

Guo Qilins performance in all kinds of programs is very good. In run it, he has gained a lot of popularity.

At that time, he and actress Zhang Tianai formed a team to play the game. Because of the game setting, although Guo Qilin was covered with flour, he still had to carry Zhang Tianai with him.

In order to avoid the flour on his face from smearing Zhang Tianais clothes, Guo Qilin repeatedly told Zhang Tianai to stay away from me as he walked along, and he tried to turn his face to the other side.

He not only treats stars like this, but also treats plain people who are not famous.

In one program, a simple female nurse was invited to be the guest.

When she was ready to get on the bus in her wedding dress, she suddenly muttered to herself that her legs were not long enough. Seeing this, Guo Qilin said in a hurry, half jokingly and half seriously, do you think I have enough?

In an instant, she made the female guests laugh and relieved her depressed mood.

In the temptation of dinner, Xiao Yueyue of Deyun society also spoke highly of Guo Qilin: he is a very kind child, but if he is jealous, our life will not be easy.

Who doesnt like this warm boy?

Guo Qilin is not only warm hearted, but also a picky boy~

When asked why he didnt buy a house, he joked: because he had not paid enough social security for five years, he was not qualified to buy a house.

But in fact, in another program, Guo Qilin once revealed a more real idea: he doesnt mind not having a house, and its OK to rent a house.

I admire his view on money. As a real rich second generation, he doesnt have any luxury at all. On the contrary, he is very down-to-earth and friendly.

Guo Qilin once said that his family didnt give him pocket money when he was a child. Maybe it was this upbringing that made him so stingy.

In order to save money, he even runs around half of Beijing every day, taking music and fitness classes.

Its just like fan Sizhe and zhe!

Think, dubbing, he can imitate Zhang Yishans seven me, can also hold the detective Shylock;

Acting, from drama to movies and TV plays, regardless of the role size, as long as he thinks he is suitable, he will seize the opportunity 100 percent.

Therefore, in Qing Nian Nian, Guo Qilin achieved fan Sizhe with his extremely natural acting skills. He successfully made a circle in the old drama Qingnian Nian and won a large number of fans.

It has to be said that Guo Qilin is alive and well.

Who doesnt like Guo Qilin, who is modest and courteous, treats people well, looks good, and laughs at people?

Is Guo Qilin destined to turn against the wind?

Or is it that one day Renshi collapsed? Lets wait and see.

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