The first exposure of at least four large screen red flags e-hs9 interior

 The first exposure of at least four large screen red flags e-hs9 interior

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[Hongqi e-hs9 has stronger sense of science and technology

From the interior of this exposure, Hongqi e-hs9 adopts four large screen design in the car. What we expect is to design the LCD dashboard in front of the co driver. Although there is no specific function, it is speculated that in addition to satisfying the copilot to check relevant information, it can also carry out navigation and positioning, and push it to the dashboard of the main driver for convenience The driver looks at the information.

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[concept car amazes the audience

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, red flag made a lot of eye-catching with a full-size pure electric SUV. The E115, which is still in the concept version, has a strong impact. The closed front grille is endowed with more artistic elements by the designer. The LED light source presents the visual impact of light and shadow. The red flag logo running through the front of the car is very eye-catching, and the lines on both sides are outlined The front part of the car is also equipped with front grille breathing lamp and dual-mode intelligent day light.

The design of the side of the car is heavy and stable. Like the front face, the beautiful light and shadow effect is outlined by LED lights in the side skirt. The reflector is different from the traditional model, which is replaced by the camera commonly used in the concept car. The C-pillar and D-pillar of the vehicle are designed with different shapes to increase the sense of hierarchy on the side. The shape of the rear of the car is simple and generous, and there is no use of too many lines to repair The tail lamp runs through the left and right of the vehicle and extends to the front part of the car, showing a strong sense of package and recognition.

[and a two-color body

In terms of modeling, the red flag e-hs9 adopts the common enclosed grille of new energy vehicles, while other design languages are similar to those of Hongqi H9. The headlamp unit is still split design, with full atmosphere on the side. The red decoration on the fender is like a flying red flag. The design of C-pillar and D-pillar highlights the sense of luxury.

[size worthy of flagship

The length, width and height of Hongqi e-hs9 are 5160 / 2000 / 1730mm and 3250 mm respectively.

[dual motors guarantee endurance

Hongqi e-hs9 is equipped with dual motors in the power part. The maximum power of the front axle motor is 160kW, the peak torque is 350n u00b7 m, the maximum power of the rear axle motor is 220kw, the peak torque is 420nm, the capacity of ternary lithium battery is 92.4kwh, the range is expected to exceed 600km, the acceleration time of 0-100km / h will be within 4S, the front and rear suspension will be double cross arm / rear trapezoidal arm, and air suspension is standard.

At present, the H5, HS5 and hs7 of Hongqi H-series mainstream vehicles have been launched, and the first pure electric vehicle e-hs3 has also been put on the market. The new generation of red flag H7 has also been released, and will carry code named 4gc20td 2.0T engine. At the same time, Hongqi H5 will also be equipped with 2.0T engine in the later stage of modification, and its competitiveness is expected to be further strengthened. At the beginning of the release of Hongqi brand, Hongqi said that in the future, it would launch a number of new cars of four major product series: L-Series national car, S-Series sedan car, H-series mainstream car and q-series commercial driving car.

According to the energy upgrading process of Hongqi, the first pure electric vehicle will be put into production in 2018, the fuel cell vehicle will be launched in 2019, the new platform modular electric vehicle of Hongqi series will be launched in 2020, and all of them will be electrified in 2023, and a total of 15 electric vehicles will be put into operation by 2025. In terms of pure electric technology, 532 large three electric platform and 422 small three electric platform will be built to provide technical support for the above models.

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